Friday, 28 March 2008

Blue collar, white collar, who cares!

There are times when I get really inspired by catwalk images. One of those occasions was seeing the Miu Miu collection for S/S 08. I fell in love with the separate collars and cuffs.

I couldn't believe my luck when I saw these darlings at the flea market last week. They cost me 1,50 euros a piece. The big one is rather bold, but it does wonders on outfits that look sloppy. The lacy one makes each top appear softer and more feminine.

Luckily the separate cuffs will be even more easily available. I will just hunt down some cool shirts at the flea market, cut the cuffs off and revamp them a little. Or I could go to Feminett and spend 65 euros on a pair by Marc Cain, like a stylist acquaintance of mine suggested. Well, no thank you. I rather do it myself one of these days! In the meantime, I will get plenty of use out of my collars.

Catwalk image:


Vintage Darling said...

cute collars!

why spend $150 on a miu miu collar when there is so many cute stuff at the vintage stores? ;)

Sanna said...

I just went through the entire blog, and I think your blog is very charming, ditto your style. You seem to go through the exact same phase than I do at the moment. I have been a terrible hoarder myself, and my shopping habits became crooked big time. I'm now learning to change my shopping habits, but it ain't always easy. It's really interesting to see how other people are dealing with the hoarding problem, so I'll be definitely coming back and see how you are doing.

I guess you don't mind me linking you. :)

jake4low said...

Ladies - save your time and money!! Check out www.CuffLuvStuff for the original Collars and Cuffs. More variety and very reasonably priced. Most of them have a vintage look, some are more mod. Love your blog!