Saturday, 1 March 2008

The dilemma of unpractical shoes

I managed to book a table at the local flea market with one day's notice, and have been frantically going through my stuff. What to sell, what to keep? I started with clothes. It was relatively easy to decide on selling things that I simply dislike. Or things that are the wrong size, the wrong colour, or stuff that stinks of the late 1990s... you get the picture. I managed to come up with a respectable pile of clothing that I simply don't wear anymore, or that I have no emotional bindings to. The difficulties arose with the shoes.

I have a lot of shoes, and almost all of them have a story to tell. Like the baby blue stiletto sandals with a see through heel, that I got as a present after I modelled for a random fashion show in Bologna about 10 years ago. (Keep, because it was a kick-ass fashion show and I looked fantastic.)

Or the Spice Girls-esque fat bottomed square block-heeled black leather boots that I bought simply because my then-boyfriend thought they were sexy. (Sell. Although no one will probably buy them, they are so very very ugly.) So far, so good.

Then there are the wild metallic pink Kurt Geiger thong heels that I have never worn, despite the fact that I have had them for about 5 years. These types of shoes are the problem. Just shoes whose sole purpose (for me, anyway) is to look pretty.

Oh yes, these are those types of shoes that I just want to own even if I never wear them. I just want to take them out of their box every once in a while, try them on, walk around in my flat in them, and then put them back into the box. The KG pair isn't the only one. There are the bronze Nine West sandals that give no support to my poor feet whatsoever. There are the way-too-high Morgan wooden platform heels with wonderfully soft leather straps. My brain tells me that I should give them up, but I can't! Simply can't!

The problem is that these types of unpractical pretty shoes make up around 50% of my shoe reserves. That can't be good. I have two options: 1) to buy more practical shoes to hide the amount of unpractical ones (in terms of the practical/unpractical ratio), or 2) to learn to get rid of the unpractical shoes. Since the overall purpose of the Clean Up is to get rid of stuff, I don't think there is any way I can get away with purchasing more shoes just to make the figures look nicer. Unfortunately. Either way, I am not ready to sell my pink KGs. Yet.

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