Thursday, 13 March 2008

Flea market craze, part 2 + I love Fida = 140 euros

I am already getting a bit tired of going down to the flea market to sort out my stuff. Someone had tried on my gold painted skinny jeans, obviously didn't find them suitable or whatever, and left them inside out on the floor. I mean, come on! Just because it's used goods, it doesn't mean you can get away with not treating it with respect! In fact, treat it with MORE respect because it is old, sad, vulnerable stuff that is being rejected by its previous owner. Trampling on the wounded is bad karma, I say.

During my first week and a half, I made 165 euros at the flea market. Not bad, although I spent 25 euros on wonderful pieces of clothing I found at Fida in Hakaniemi. Stuff goes out, stuff comes in. Like the boyfriend said yesterday, things aren't adding up here. If I am supposedly trying to get rid of stuff, why exactly am I buying more..? My reasoning is that there is no way I could have turned down this mint green Gudrun Sjoden jacket:

Perfect for spring! The faded pastel shade looks great on linen. The jacket seems unworn, and at 10 euros, it was a steal. The hat (1,50 euros) and the silk scarf (60 cents) just happened to tag along. Those Fida bargains have a tendency to do that.

(Sorry about the blurry image. I am still learning how to take photos.)

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