Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Polyester tester

I know polyester is bad. It doesn't breathe, it looks (and is) cheap, it feels hard and uncomfortable on your skin. However, I have quite recently purchased a reasonable amount of lovely blouses from the 1970s, and almost without exception, they are made of polyester.
Yes yes, nothing beats natural fibres. But compare polyester to something like linen while sitting on the train for an hour... With linen you end up looking like a frumpy sloth that doesn't own an iron. With polyester, all you get is smooth airiness, and okay, maybe the added bonus of feeling a bit sweattier than you'd like. Oh well. How can it be so bad, if it looks so good?


alice said...

Oh I love polyester because its so cheap. In some sort of warped logic I figure the cheaper the clothes the more I can buy. And that blouse is lovely aswell (:

pamela said...

I love linen. But it's true that you have to love the wrinkles too; I think they look "arty", not frumpy.

Polyester: been there, sweated in that, ain't goin' back.

Unicorns Have Whiskers said...

I have an issue with polyester too. I wish I was like this dear friend of mine who loves it for the easiness! She can find tons of cute vintage blouses and dresses. But on the other hand I figure that at least it is stopping a complete closet overflow, and when I find a pretty cotton or silk blouse it's all the more special! I do wear 50/50 cotton poly blend though, and I don't mind the linen wrinkles (but I do mind it if I have to iron anything!! So that makes the cotton-poly blend great, it feels cottony but doesn't wrinkle!!!!) Also I'm thinking of sewing a couple of blouses of my own..farkut ja t-paita is branching out to new pieces...Anyway! Let us know how it goes, giving poly a chance!!

Vasiliisa said...

Well, polyester ain't completely evil. It can be washed in low temperatures, it dries quickly and it doesn't need ironing. That way polyester actually saves resources :).

I do agree with unicorns that poly works best in blends though.