Saturday, 15 March 2008

Walking in my shoes

I am not a huge heel-wearer. I am tall and have a rough time controlling my limbs in heels. However, this morning I decided to go for a pair of high rubber wedge booties that are actually very comfortable and relatively easy to walk with. Okay, they aren't exactly comparable to a solid set of trainers, but considering their height, they do the job. But here's the crux of the matter: The reason why I decided to wear heels was to slow myself down. I have recently discovered that I have an awful habit of semi-running to work in the morning, getting pissed off at people who "walk too slow". Ugh!

If you have ever read The Idler, you have probably come across some serious praise for walking. Going for a walk, just for the sake of walking, is one of those things that is mostly associated with exercise these days, you know, something like power walking, walking with weights attached to your ankles and whatever else. Otherwise it is something we do to get from point A to point B, preferably as fast as possible. The modern society has pretty much forgotten about the advantages of simply going out for a stroll. Walk slowly, stop at shop windows, pop into a random coffee shop... In the modern society that's something people only do on Sundays if you're lucky.

Wearing heels today, I spent a bit more time seeing what is going on around me today. I took my time to walk to the train stop, clumping away in my rubber heels, slowly but surely, and immediately noticed that my head seemed clearer. I recommend heel-wearing to everyone who is suffering from one of the modern society's plagues: rush, stress, haste. Slow yourself down and observe the world!

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cirkuspony said...

Interesting- my reason for not wearing heels often is that I can't walk fast enough in them :) When I do, however, my posture is better, and I feel more collected. Why the rush, I ask myself...

Thanks for the thought!