Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Blah. And then fashion.

That's pretty much how I am feeling these days. After the boyfriend left, it's been a huge struggle every day to get to work and to have the necessary energy to eat and sleep. However, for whatever reason, it has been really easy for me to focus on the little things I enjoy doing: thrifting, reading fashion magazines, playing with clothes. I am starting to think that I must be a really superficial person to able to do stuff like that when my entire life seems to be in shambles.

Naah, I don't really think that. So what if clothes make me feel a little happier? So what if I cried in front of my boss the other day, or in the crowded train on the way home? I know it is all about coping. Us people are a funny lot. We get by just because we have to. What else is there but to get by?

I thrifted these this past weekend:

This blouse is by United Colors of Benetton. It looks unworn, the material is viscose. The lace detail is lovely:

This nightgown/petticoat is completely see-through and it is made of nylon, but the shape and the colour were too pretty to leave it behind.

This blouse is so fantastic I could hardly control myself. The manufacturer is Sataneule. The price was 3,50. Fida, I love you!


Unicorns Have Whiskers said...

Oh dear, I'm so sorry!!!!
And no, you're not a shallow person because you find joy and comfort in little things! After mom died I have done just that.. If all I could muster up the energy for is "superficial", well it's a thousand times better than just sleeping and crying all day! And I agree with the others who said that new good things will come when something else is taken away. You will find someone who appreciates everything about you, your style included!
(Oh and that flowery blouse is perfect!!) :D

Anastasia said...

i think when these things happen in life we need to make sure we find time to emerse ourselves in pretty things, light and happy, joyful and easy.

Dont feel bad because these things arent heavy or hard work. They make you happy and that means they are the best things to be around right now.

Yes! the last blouse is great!! love it

princessmillatwoshoes said...

I love that lacy blouse. The colors of your outfits are so etherial...sigh
Do whatever makes you feel better. Do not waste energy in criticising yourself.

Vasiliisa said...

There are means of coping that are much more (self)destructive. I personally think that while new clothing can't fill a void, it's a good and rather harmless (unless you overspend) cheer-me-up. You need to do things like that to build up your strength again.

Re. the sheerness of the slip... I've seen multiple slips layered, and it looked very dainty and pretty, so maybe there's an idea? But of course you can layer it over a non-slip too :)

Stitch Society said...

Your sense of style is spot on. I'm sorry to hear about your boyfriend, he didn't deserve you!

Keep rocking it!