Sunday, 20 April 2008

Busy bee

I haven't had the time to think about anything interesting to write about this weekend. The past week has been so rough at work that I have pretty much just slept yesterday and today. I went to one flea market today but I didn't find anything interesting. I got these cuff links from my sister.

This is what I wore today. Cardigan / Alain Manoukian (a Fida find from a few weeks back, it cost 3 e), high waisted trousers / Diesel, socks / H&M, shoes / flea market.


Leslie said...

I love the proportions you've made with the wider top and the high waisted ankle-length jeans. Socks with heels is normally a combination I tend to shied away from (no good socks being the principal reason), but now I am inspired to go try some with my tights!

The Waves said...

leslie: I know what you mean about socks and heels... it's incredible how difficult it is to find good socks! A trip to Wolford would be way too expensive (they actually charge about 200 euros for crystal-decorated tights), H&M is awful quality... it ain't easy!