Sunday, 27 April 2008

Hold on, hold on

What is it about Sundays? Why do they always seem so slow, but still not quite long enough, why do they seem like life in a miniature form? To have breakfast without a hurry, to have all the time you want to read the paper, to do a bit of laundry, to read a random passage in a good book one has forgotten about, listening to Neko Case.

I went to see my mom at the hospital today. She was rather drugged up, waiting to have surgery, but she was in a good mood despite the fact that her knee was the size of a football. Oh I love my mom. She is such a fighter.

Afterwards I went to Sylvi's 5th birthday party. I took forever figuring out what to wear. Sylvi and her sister Aivi are always commenting on my outfits, so I tried to provide them with something interesting. Usually a skirt and something sparkly will do, so I decided to wear my new gray top with the glitter bow detail.

I was flipping through the May issue of Amica, and came across a couple of really cool images. I love the blue sunglasses in the first one, as well as the combination of two different flower prints. What caught my eye in the second image was the sequined top combined to a very romantic-looking skirt - very modern, yet soft.


Anonymous said...

Oh, your poor Mom! She needs surgery? Oh my, how your Life can change so dramatically, just with an accident no one could ever have seen coming. I hope her prognosis is very positive...please post to let us know how she did in surgery, and recovery, ok Waves? That's a really nice song from Neko....I really love her work with The New Pornographers. And yes, Sundays just fly by...I at least am lucky enough, with my job, to only work Monday through Friday each week...I'm sorry you get stuck with such long strings of work-days. I hope you have another day off very soon. Have a great Monday, Waves, Chris R.

alice said...

oh my I love your new hair. Hope your mum gets better soon (:

The Waves said...

Chris R.: yup, my mom had surgery last night. Everything went okay, and now she just needs to learn to walk with crutches and have plenty of rest. Speaking of days off, I am so glad May Day is a public holiday over here..!

alice: thanks!

Angie said...

"Hold On, Hold On" is one of my favorite Neko Case songs, along with "Star Witness" and "In California." Have you ever seen her in concert? If you ever get the opportunity, take it. She has a stunning voice, even more striking than I imagined just listening at home.

I need to read The Waves! Once school is over and I can read anything I want, The Waves will be at the top of the list. Right now I'm writing a paper on To the Lighthouse, that is easily one of the most beautifully written novels I've read.

ed said...