Monday, 21 April 2008

I need a party to go to

Minni gave me this Vuokko dress. I would normally shy away from such a bold colour and print, as well as a wrap dress, but damn, this is fantastic. Until someone invites me to the right party where I can wear it, I will wear this at home. All I need is red feather-decorated stiletto sandals to go with it.

This is what I wore today. The dress is Viktor & Rolf for H&M, but no, I didn't queue up to H&M at 9 am to grab it and buy it without even trying it on last year, but instead, I found it in Fida for a fiver. The tights are from Indiska. I knew when I bought them that they were pink beyond belief, but judging from the looks I got today on the street, they are even more pink than I thought they'd be.


Vasiliisa said...

OMG!!! That Vuokko blows my mind. I actually collect Vuokko, so if you ever wanna get rid of that... ;)

The Waves said...

vasiliisa: I thought you might like this dress considering you are such a huge fan of colourful prints!