Friday, 18 April 2008

If I was green I would die

I hardly ever wear just one colour. Remember that awful song, Blue, by Eiffel 65? The title of this post refers to my dear old friend Marti from South Africa who used to sing the chorus of the song with her own lyrics. Instead of "I'm blue, da ba dee da ba die", she would sing "I'm blue, if I was green I would die." Oh Marti, I miss you. I wish I had kept in touch with you!

The blouse is from Fida, the trousers Max&co., the shoes are my mom's old. The bag is a flea market find from last year. It is by Three Bags. The price was 3 euros.

Here are some of my most beautiful paperbacks. I haven't actually read any of them, and have bought them mainly because they look so pretty. I have every intention of reading them, if I could only find the time. Work is so consuming these days that I hardly have enough time to sleep and eat!


Key said...

nice outfit, the blue suit you well!
you have a very nice blog :D

greetings from Mexico

alice said...

haha making up your own lyrics is so much more fun
you look lovely as usual, and that bags pretty nice ;D

puf! said...

your legs are so perfect, so long, you look like a model


Anonymous said...

Wow, the book covers are lovely...I think, 50 years ago, there used to be soo many more artists employed by...advertising firms...magazine publishers, etc. These were truly gifted artists...people who sadly could not make enough money by just creating their own art for sale. I bet these books you showed us have been owned and read, and loved, by a bunch of people before they came into your care, and I bet these striking covers had a lot to do with their of my saddest things is forgotten, unused, unloved books, so I am really happy that these have found such a good home, where they are loved and cared for (not, btw, as sad a thing as poverty, war, etc, of course but just my own little sadness).
And as always, wow, you look beautiful...this is such a nice seems at times it is owned/presented by an historian...a librarian...a supermodel. You are a truly interesting person. Hope the weather is warmer, and that you are having a terrific weekend. Be well, Waves, Chris R.

The Waves said...

key: hello to Mexico! Hope you visit my blog again!

alice: I love misheard and invented lyrics. They actually published a book about that in Finland a while back. I remember reading through it at the book store and people were staring at me because I was laughing out loud.

puf!: you are making me blush!

Chris R.: I have a soft spot for abandoned books. My grandfather had a big library, and a lot of his books are now mine. Even though some of them are really bad books, I find it difficult to part with them. I guess I will have to take them to a charity shop eventually, because I just don't have the space for those awful Reader's Digest collection books... Btw, just wanted to say that I really appreciate you commenting on my blog. You always write with intensity and meaning, and it means a lot to me.

Michelle said...

i sang that song with those lyrics too!