Wednesday, 23 April 2008

In the shade

Well, it seems that spring has finally arrived. Helsinki has bathed in sunlight for at least three days in a row. Of course, I have been stuck at work and have hardly even seen the sun. Nevertheless I figured it was time to get a new pair of sunglasses. And a top.

Both are from Max&co., but the feeling I was going for with the purchases was more Sonia Rykiel S/S2008. (This is by far my favourite campaign of the current season.)

This is what I wore today. I figured that I would post a sunny picture even though you can't really even make out what my clothes look like. Who cares, it's sunny!


Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing how the spring sun just lifts the spirits? :) Ahh, I am always so happy in the spring! The quality of the light is so different at this time of is so golden, and it just bursts with glowing isn't wan and sad, as it is in winter (winter can be lovely also, of course, but it's not golden sunlight that makes it so). And you look beautiful, too! And you are glowing, as well! (It is absolutely not solely the sunlight that is glowing, I am positive. :) Hey, great shoes too...very unique. And I love your floor!! It looks like cork, rather than wood...but I could be seeing it wrong. We hit 80 degrees in NY today, Waves! Isn't that amazing for April!! :) I hope the warm temps stay for you, and I hope golden sunshine follows you wherever you go tomorrow (but only during the daytime, of course! :). Have a great Thursday, Chris R.

Anonymous said...

ps--I love the bow ties (homemade, I believe?), and scarves that you wear...they really almost unify your outfits, and look smashing on you...and that's a beautiful blouse...the little frilly bits are marvelous. CR

Anonymous said...

Those are fantastic shoes!
It is truly astounding how the weather can affect one's mood- the other day it was wet and cold indoors... glancing outside and seeing a growing storm just about killed any struggling hope I had for a pleasant day.

The Waves said...

Chris R.: I really like my kitchen floor too, it is not real cork, but fake, but I still think it gives a nice warm feel to the whole kitchen. It's funny how little things like the texture of a surface can really define an entire space.

My bow ties are flea market finds, as well as most of my scarves. I never used to wear that type of stuff, but for some reason I have been playing with them quite a bit recently.

Anon.: Those shoes were actually really cheap. I bought them at DinSko (a shoe equivalent of H&M) and I think they cost about 25 euros. I have had them for over a year, have worn them a lot, and they have actually survived grass stains, mud and all sorts of weather phenomena. Sometimes cheap shoes surprise me!

la femme said...

I love those Sonia Rykiel ads (and your outfit!).