Friday, 11 April 2008

Purple haze

For some reason I have always been under the impression that purple really isn't my colour. Stupid colour limitations that people have, just because someone has once (maybe) told them that whatever colour doesn't suit them..!

This is what I wore outside:

My sister helped me with the outdoors outfit. As usual, I had about two minutes to figure out which jacket/coat to wear, with which scarf etc. Luckily she was there. I didn't miss my train! She is wearing her new flea market skirt and brand new brogues she bought to replace the ones she wore to shreds.


L said...

Your shoes are wonderful!

I love the combination of the purple and the grey, and the cropped pant over the socks.

Anonymous said...

i love the first outfit - its simplicity and colours <3


alice said...

the outfits beautiful, you carry it off perfectly

Anonymous said...

Wow, you look remarkably lovely in the first photo (in all, of course, but especially the first)...what an incredibly fetching profile, you have (and a perfect long neckline, just like Audrey Hepburn! :). And good golly, your flea markets there are much better than ours here, in the States (at least the ones I go to!)! Do you know, I hadn't known flea markets were such a universal concept...that's very nice, actually. There's such a sense of community at these little informal fairs...and the joy of finding those rare treasures! (And it's always fun to observe what other people see as great finds!! :) I always wish though that I could know the history of an object...I think that's what gives an item its true, inherent value...that a person...a series of people...possessed it for a period of time...and used and loved it, and now you carry on with the piece, and add your own personal history to its provenance. I love old things!!! :) Great finds, Wave...have a lovely week, Chris R.