Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Shoe therapy

I have to stop this heartbreak therapy shopping. Naah, no I don't. Not when I find shoes like these:

First, I have already started to worry about my favourite brownish brogues. I wear them all the time, and I am terrified that at some point they will exist no more. These black, slightly pointy brogues are just right: I can wear these every other day! The brand is Vakuuskenkia. (And no, that is not a typo, it is actually "kenkia" in the partitive plural.) They cost me 4 euros.

Next up: pink Bally mary-janes. Minni was going to sell them at the flea market, and I bought them off her immediately. 4 euros!

What would a flea market round be without Palmroths? They tend to be rather expensive these days, but these ones were, yup, you guessed it, 4 euros.

Last but not least, these random Italian suede pumps. The shape of the heel is fantastic, as well as the stripe detail on the back of the heel. 3 euros!

Now, if only I could have worn any of these shoes today! It rained all day. I would have used these, if they weren't so old and britle:

They used to belong to my grandmother. The heel is hollow inside, so you can put your fancy high heels inside and keep them safe from rain and mud. I don't know what they are called in English. In Finnish the word is "kalossit". Why don't they make these any more..? I would get some instantly!


Anonymous said...

:) Your grandmother's over-shoes are brilliant!! So clever...so functional...so (at least in this modern age) unique! The stripe detail on the one set of shoes is indeed wonderful...a beautiful touch, there only to decorate, and please the wearer (and perhaps inspire jealousy in those who view them?? :). And it would be amazing to see pictures of your grandparents...and even your great-grandparents, stupendous! I have no pictorial record of my personal provenance, going back that far. When you see pictures from a hundred years ago--family portraits and individuals--they so often look like royalty...like dukes or duchesses who are distantly related to the Romanovs, or some other high family. :) OK, I'm going on again...but very nice pictures, as always. Have a great Wednesday, Chris R.

Anastasia said...

I love the pink mary-janes!! what a great find!

princessmillatwoshoes said...

They're called galoshes, at least in Brit. They're very cool. I bet they come in handy in this weather we've been having... My auntie also says that when she was young, they were quite the hip thing to wear with a duffel coat. The youth of yore apparently called them elefanttitossut (elephant booties). This is like before jeans and leather jackets when kids were still generally dressed like mini-adults. Teen fashion craze before teens were invented!

Sanna said...

Those Palmroths are just perfect. I simply can't believe they were only 4€, as vintage Palmroths nowadays cost more than a regular pair in Din Sko and the likes.

night.owl said...

these shoes are all gorgeous. but those kalossit... yet another thing making me wish i lived in years gone by. they are absolutely amazing.

Vasiliisa said...

They do still make galoshes... Not this fancy tho.
I love the pink Palmroths!

The Waves said...

Chris R.: It is strange what people look like in old photos. Everyone looks so "solid", if that makes sense. Secure, strong, there is a lot of presence. I guess back in the day people didn't have the choice to be flimsy as they do now. Or maybe the flimsy ones just didn't get photographed. :-)

anastasia: i think so too, they are bordering on being a bit tight, but I am convinced that I am just imagining it!

princessmillatwoshoes: galoshes, i should have known the word... I wish I could wear the ones I have, but they are so old and britle that I can't actually wear them. Instead, I have them on display at home!

sanna: yeah I know, vintage Palmroths have insane prices these days, even at flea markets. I was lucky to get my hands on these ones!

night.owl: I tend to feel like I live in a different decade sometimes. Not having a tv helps, as well as dressing up! :-)

vasiliisa: hmm, have you seen galoshes recently, or do you just happen to know that they still make them? I wouldn't mind looking for some, even if they don't look as good as my grandmom's old. Btw, the pink shoes were the Bally ones, the Palmroths were black, but either way, great shoes! :-)

Vasiliisa said...

Whoops, I got the shoes mixed between the post and the comment page, it happens quickly sometimes :)

I know for a fact that galoshes are available, at some cobbler's (suutari), and even Stockmann.

Here is a short article from last February, about new "design galoshes" :)