Thursday, 3 April 2008

The short of it

I have always been a huge fan of the Margaret Howell look. For some reason, the "male meets female" vibe has always appealed to me. I have found it tough to come up with practical outfits that would combine the femininity with the right kind of masculinity. Most of the time I just end up looking like a cross-dresser. Since I found not just one, but two Margaret Howell scarves at the flea market last week, I have been working hard to make the look right.
This is what I came up with today:

The shorts/culottes are thrifted Sportmax, the silk blouse thrifted, the cardigan is from Lindex, the scarf Margaret Howell, the tights Noa Noa, and the brogues UFF. Speaking of shorts, I found these at the flea market last week:

They are a bit nuts, aren't they? I love the colour, I love the fabric (I think it is a silk/viscose mix - they are a bit wrinkly because I just washed them). How on earth am I going to wear them though, without looking like I am strolling on the street in boxer shorts..? Well, I guess the fact that they are high-wasted, plus the button details in the waist band will be enough to convince me to wear them in public when the weather gets warm.

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Unicorns Have Whiskers said...

can't wait to see what you'll wear them with! I'd probably combine them with a sharp jacket and a belt..