Thursday, 29 May 2008

Difficulties of summerwear

I find it ridiculously difficult to get dressed in warm weather.

1) It is hot, so I can't really do layers as much as I would want to.

2) I am pale and bony, and don't want to expose myself too much, plus I need to protect myself from the evil beams.

3) Colours seem so different in sunlight (and on pale, sun-exposed skin) that I get confused.

4) Due to heat, anything that is too tight or too clingy becomes very irritating.

Take today, for example. It isn't exactly high summer yet, but 20 degrees celcius is pretty warm. Not that I want to go running around in flip-flops and hotpants like my fellow country(wo)men, but I do appreciate a tiny bit lighter clothing than usual. It is too warm to wear tights, but way too early to expose my white legs, so I have to opt for trousers. All of my t-shirts seem too tight and uncomfortable to be worn on their own. So this is what I ended up wearing:

Ugh. This outfit is totally not me. Well, I was comfortable. On their own, I like each piece I am wearing. The Paul & Joe- trousers are probably the best pair of pants I own (check out the embroidery below), and the blue tunic is very airy and light. But together... umm... I just don't feel like I look the way I feel. Which would be fine, but then I got a text about potential free beer in town, and didn't even pursue any because I was uncomfortable being (and looking) comfortable. Does this make any sense?? And yes, you are not seeing things, I have sunburn all over my chest. Oh summer, how I love thee!

P.S. I really need a holiday. Two more days at work and then I am out!


Milla said...

You poor thing! I feel your pain, on the exposing too much department. I'd actually like to wear shorter summery things, but feel too self-conscious. I wear a lot of floaty dresses instead. Once we went to California and I was distraught the entire trip over clothing...funny in hindsight.

rosa rouge said...

i totally agree with you!