Thursday, 1 May 2008

Don't know much about art...

...but I know if I like something or not. Despite the fact that portraits of single (as opposed to a group of) women are supposed to be bad feng shui, I like these:

Portrait of Anna Ostroumova by Constantin Somov, 1910.

Portrait of Anna Akhmatova by Nathan Altman, 1915

Portrait of Ida Rubinstein by Valentin Serov, 1910

Portrait of Varia Chitakova by Yuri Pimenov, 1935

Portrait of Nadejda Jdanovitch by Pavel Fedotov, 1849


Anonymous said...

Great portraits! My favorite is 'Portrait of Anna Akhmatova' beautiful! (And I think you would look amazing in this dress, and with the wonderful shoes Anna was wearing! :)
My favorite portrait artist is John Singer are two favorites:
The portrait: 'Lady Agnew of Lochnaw' (oh this is a wonderfully beautiful painting!!!). And: 'Repose'. Also very lovely (his work is amazing, Waves, and he painted in many styles).

Another favorite is 'Lady Peel', by T. Lawrence...I saw this portrait in person, and I fell in love with the subject, in a is such a lovely painting, and heartbreakingly beautiful in person. Great post!! Hope your Holiday was terrific, Chris R.

The Waves said...

Chris R.: Sargent's portraits are beautiful, I must say. Lady Agnew of Lochnaw is simply stunning!

All the images I posted were from a Russian art book I found at a second hand book store recently. But if we are talking about female portrait favourites of all time, I will mention Gustav Klimt's 'Judith and the Head of Holofernes', as well as pretty much everything by Jozsef Rippl-Ronai. Check out 'Shivering Girl with a Blue Ring' and 'Woman with a Chinese Cup'.

Anonymous said...

:) Hi Waves, I shall indeed check out the artists and portraits that you mentioned here. I love dicovering new artists...I am a base novice, at best, in my knowledge of such things, but whenever I do go to a gallery, I am always absolutely in awe of the wonders of the works I am seeing...and I love a quiet, well-lit gallery...when you stand before a wonderful work of art, it seems as though you are in a cathedral, petitioning for your soul to be acknowledged...I mean that metaphorically, and even so, I think that doesn't make any sense. :) Chris R.