Friday, 9 May 2008

Fida fix of the week

I found a couple of really wonderful pieces of clothing at Fida today. First, this pink skirt. It is self-made, and it is clearly made of curtains. The skirt is see-through, but a little petticoat will work wonders.

This black pencil skirt has a wonderful shape to it. It is draped from one side. The material is raw silk.

For some reason this skirt looks almost orange in this picture, but it is actually bright pink. It has a bit of a tulip shape to it.

This dress is so me! I am going to shorten it though, I think knee-length would be ideal.

And finally: hmm, is it just another white vintage blouse..?

...certainly not! The label says YSL Rive Gauche!

Along with the above, I got a small off-white leather purse, another bow-tie (black, this time) and a handful of old-fashioned handkerchieves. All in total: 27 euros!


Anonymous said...

Good evening, Waves! I hope you are well. Today, in the States (and I think many other places) is Mother's Day, so I am about to head out and drive to go see my own Mom. Most of the people at her facility, sadly, do not get many visitors, so when one person has a family member come to see them, the whole place just perks up, and everyone watches you...I try to smile at everyone, and say hello, but it is sad because you know that they are sad. But enough of sadness...this is an important day. I am not sure if this this is Finland's Mother Day, but if so I hope that you and your family all had a wonderful day with your sweet Mom...and I hope her recovery is going smoothly. I think you are about 7 hours ahead of us there, so I will say good night, and pleasant dreams. Bye Waves, Chris R.

Anonymous said...

ps---great clothing finds, btw!! And the dress especially is strikingly lovely! I know it will look amazing on you...please post a pic when you have hemmed it!! :) CR

Unicorns Have Whiskers said...

Great finds girl! YSL blouse is a score.

Anonymous said...