Saturday, 24 May 2008

Satin shoe frenzy

Me and Suvi went to look for shoes to match her graduation dress. A while back I bought these gorgeous satin platform pumps in dark blue, but little did I know that they were also available in red. Well, they are mine now, both colours!

I didn't actually end up wearing them with this outfit, but I thought they looked superb nevertheless. In the end I went for comfort and wore my gray Converse. Oh, needless to say, we didn't find the right shoes for Suvi's dress. Instead she got the coolest blue pumps ever, with wide silver stripes.


Anonymous said...

Lovely outfit! The shoe selections always add a little extra edge to the all of the outfits.
Sensible Susan

alice said...

that outfit is lovely, I love how the colour pops and the trousers are amazing

Anonymous said...

You are my fashion Icon! And I love those new shoes of yours. ;) you are such a Cutie!


teemu said...

Hi! :)
Love this outfit. <3
Tykkään tosi paljon.