Thursday, 22 May 2008

Spring & Scarlett

What is it about spring? Something about the warmth, the daylight that beams down until 10 pm now, the way nature just bursts out into the open... It just seems that life is more meaningful. I really feel it in my bones, I am not just saying it because sunshine makes me happy.

I sometimes wonder if I am just awfully naive about the way I want to look at the world. You know how people sometimes say that "life is not a movie", or that "the reality is x & y"... Bollocks, I say, the world is a wonderful five-star-movie, and we all have the starring role.

As I am writing this, I have Scarlett Johansson's version of Falling Down in my head. Tom Waits is of course Tom Waits, but I don't know, there is something about Scarlett's singing that I quite like.


Anonymous said...

I agree that we are all starts of our own individual movies (the Truman Show, minus the cameras, and actors [hopefully! :)] ). I wish more people thought of their lives in these terms...they might realize that everyone is special in their own way...and then they just have to decide on whether their is a sequel, or not! (I'm a non-sequel, one-showing-and-that's-all sort of guy...I wonder if anyone will realize or care that I'm talking about a belief in a God, and the afterlife? :).
Spring is a wonderful time...we deserve spring, after the long winter, *sigh*...
And I noticed before in a pic, and it's amplified here...sunlight becomes you...lovely picture. Chris R.
OH! I love Scarlett's 'Falling Down'...great song of course (consider the source), and I think her voice beautiully suits the dreamy, dirge-like pacing she went with for the song. Great video, too!

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