Thursday, 15 May 2008

Super high fashion!

High fashion, darlings! Yes, me and my buddies from work had our fashion show today. After two weeks of organising everything between heaven and earth, working late in the evenings and killing our brain cells trying to figure out perfect outfits, we got it all together. The end result was a feast to the eye.

The make-up and hair are by Piia Hiltunen. Very Dior, very couture, non..?


Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Great picture...the hair is amazing, and the eye makeup, splendiferous!! :) What an amazing profile, *sigh*... :) Chris R.

T said...

you look, as tyra would say, "fierce."

aah, to be young and in milan again.

Jimena said...

Your blog is absolutely adorable, not only have I fallen in love with your whimsical femenine style, but your writing is great too.

One of the few blogs in a long time that has made me go back all the way to the initial post just to look at everything you posted.

Its funny what you wrote about wearing things your ex boyfriend wouldn't like. After ending a long long relationship in a very painful way, I decided to do exactly the same thing. I guess that's how women work.

I'll be adding you to my blogroll to make sure I keep coming here.

The Waves said...

Chris R.: thanks! I felt fabulous wearing the feather make-up as well as the hair extention. The hair almost looks like a hat!

t: yes, I think I was born to be a supermodel and to walk to catwalks of Milan. Umm... or not! :-D

jimena: thank you so much for your kind words! I am always super excited when I get a new commentator! I hope you will drop by again.

Shemind- said...

Oh good lord! I absolutely love this! Beautiful until extreme!!! Fab, fab, fab & oh yes- Dior/Galliano comes to my mind as you spoke!
Also love your blog, and the outfits that you post here. Like candy for the eye! Thanks!
Love/ Mags