Monday, 30 June 2008

The best things in life

When the people from work told me earlier this year that I had to have my summer holiday in June, I was gutted. June tends to be rainy and rather chilly in Finland. As my holiday is about to end, I look back at this past month as one of the loveliest experiences I have had in a long time.

For whatever reason, as a lot of people have been saying that the weather has been crappy, I have truly enjoyed the wide range of weather conditions: from +25 and sunny to +15 with hail storms. The best bit about this holiday has been the fact that I haven't actually done anything. I have slept in a lot, gone for walks and bike rides, done picnics, spent time with friends and family, watched football. That is, really simple stuff, but for some reason having spent my holiday like this feels very meaninful.

I have been told many times that I lack vision and that I should have more goals in life. I am always at a loss when people ask me what I intend to do with my life. What is there to do with one's life, really, but to live it and enjoy it?

This June I have done things that I enjoy the most: just being, living, observing, being a part of the big wheel we call time and space.

Speaking of space, the fact that hardly anyone else has had their summer holiday in June, has been quite wonderful. In July and August the streets and the beaches are packed with people who have all sorts of tasks to perform during their holiday: getting a suntan, losing weight, hoarding all sorts of experiences, doing sports, shopping. They tend to have a set timetable in order to make sure that all the tasks are performed optimally. Everything is scheduled in weeks in advance.

And if you are unfortunate enough to have to spend your holiday surrounded by people of that mindset, all you hear is how their holiday is ruined because of a little bit of rain, or how they still need to drop an extra kilo, and how they only have an x amount of days left and they didn't get to do half of the things they had planned.

Well, I have been fortunate. The best part of all of this is just because I am going back to work tomorrow, it doesn't mean that I have to stop doing any of the wonderful things I have been doing lately. What more could one ask for?


Liina said...

I just started reading this blog last week, and I love your perspective in this post. And the photos! It looks like you live in a beautiful area!

The Clothes Horse said...

You have a very positive attitude towards things. I think people fear that if they don't push themselves to do something or be someone they'll look back with regret...but you're just as likely to regret not having taken the time to enjoy what is around you... For me, it's very difficult to live in the moment completely, but I appreciate so much of what I have been able to do.

Anonymous said...

Great post, Waves, and beautifully written. And I agree with everything you said. I will say though that it always upsets me when other people tell someone that they are not leading their life correctly (or productively enough...or goal-oriented enough, etc). Now, unless you actually said to these people, "Please consider my Life, and tell me what I am doing wrong." (which I know is possible...sometimes we do ask others for advice on the Big Picture of Life), it seems rude and hurtful for others to criticize you...especially if they truly care about you. But I have the impression that that is not the case here, that you did not ask these others to critique you...Waves, would I be safe in wagering that the people who have told you you have no cohernet vision for your Life, and that you need to set goals to further your progress through the world are folks who could not have enjoyed the past month you have experienced? Are they people who could not stand the thought of 30 (or so) idle days, with no plans other than living your Life day by day, and thrilling to a walk through your homeland's beautiful countrysides? Or staying home with two kitties, watching football, with no plans other than enjoying free time, by yourself (wtih your kitties)? I do not mean to demean the goals of these other people, but it upsets me that people have told you these things, because it is a criticism of who you are, and what you are doing with your Life. I don't understand why people with the Great Ambitions (to acquire, whatever) think anyone else without these same goals is leading only a semblance of Life...and I don't understand why they also so often try to impress their concepts and goals on others around them (it is again, to me, a way for them to say you are not a success, because you do not desire--crave--the same things that they desire). It is fine of course to have goals, and ambition can be ok too...but it is the same problem I have with zealots of any variety...have your goals, but do not pressure me to follow your religion...political views...materialistic goals, etc...I can be a good, productive, happy person without believing in the same things that you do. And I can be ecstatic with a week to myself, to share with nature, and my kitties. I think, from what I have seen of you, that you are a tremendous success as a human being, Waves....and I hope---unless it is something YOU decide to do---that you do not change who you are, ever...but especially not because someone told you there is something wrong with your Life. Be well, Waves, sincerely, Chris R.

esme and the lane way said...

That sounds like a fantastic way to spend a holiday. Good for you.

Unicorns Have Whiskers said...

Well, we only really have this day and this moment, and it's there to enjoy. A lot of people go through life always making plans and "living" in the future, always wanting something, going somewhere..
My grandpa used to say: "The last shirt doesn't have pockets"
You can't the money, possessions, fame etc. with you---

Anonymous said...

Love your words and your images (you had me hooked when you noticed the change in bird calls).

Keep up the good work and know that you have a fan in Mid Missouri, USA!


The Waves said...

liina: I actually live in a rather notorious suburb, but I sometimes wonder why it has such a bad reputation. The area is lovely, very close to "real" nature.

the clothes horse: I don't always feel like I live in the moment enough, but I do think that life is too precious to be planning and worrying about the future too much. I haven't always felt this way though, maybe my current attitude is a result of going through some major shifts in my personal life recently. Whatever it is, it seems to be working for me!

Chris R.: all that i can say is that once more, you have managed to make me consider whether we know each other from "real life". (I *know* that we don't, but I still have to wonder...) You seem to know so much about me, and in this case, even about the people who have been a part of my life at other times. It is almost spooky, but somehow reassuring to know that there are people like you out there, with vision and a way to look at others (hmm, or their blogs...) and really *see* them.

esme and the lane way: yup, it was such a therapeutic way of spending one's holiday, and I don't regret any moment of it!

unicorns have whiskers: that saying of your grandfather's is wonderful. I might have to adopt it!

e: Greetings, e in Missouri! I am glad you enjoy my little blog!

Anonymous said...

Hi Waves....I think, welll...I think there are a number of things that might it seem as though you know me. First, I have always been an excellent listener...and an attentive reader. When someone speaks about something they are passionate about (whether it is music or art, their life, or their beliefes in life), and when I find the person intriguing, I tend to listen very closely. I think many many people give only cursory attention at best when other people speak about themselves....I think there are many people out there who feign interest, but really only care about a conversation or a topic turning back onto themselves, or things they are interested in. So I will say I read your entries very carefully because I think you are an incredibly intellgient, and interesting person. And I've always had a very high empathy level for people I care about, so that may be coming through. And then, when speaking about the people who were telling you you weren't achieving enough in life, well...there are archetypes in all societies (American, European, Far Eastern, etc)...there are people who prefer a slower, more pastoral progression through life, and others who have to agressively confront life, and those they encounter while taking on the game of life. And I saw a universal archetype when I read that someone had told you you weren't leading your life correctly...I could name two people I work with who would think the same of me, as this other person thought of you (what they think ofme, btw, means not a whit to me, because they are exactly the people I use as my role models of who I do not want to be, in life). I bet your person and mine would get along famously!! (Unless they tried to cut-throat each other, which is always possible with these sorts! :)
But anyways, I do admire you greatly, Waves, and so I try to understand what you are saying (and some things you left unsaid, but that I still discern allusions to)...I will admit, when I first stopped by your site, I came for the beauty, but I absolutely stayed for the ideas (and nice pictures of birds and kitties and books and such! :). Hey, I don't know if it would help settle your thoughts about this, but I would be happy to e-mail you a picture of will see an average looking man, but one with many friends. I do not have any e-mail address for you, so if you would like me to send a photo so you can be completely at ease that we were strangers, until I discovered your site, please send me a note at:

morningtheft @ .

(Please elminate the spaces in the address.) I hope you are having a terrific week, Waves, be well, sincerely, Chris R.