Friday, 13 June 2008

The future is orange

I have a confession to make. Despite the fact that I am on holiday, I haven't been too busy posting because I have been watching a lot of football. Finland is (obviously) not taking part in the Euro2008, but who cares! Orange is the colour of the day, which makes me happy. The Dutch play very entertaining football, and during this tournament they have beat both the current world champion (Italy, 3-0) as well as the other finalist (France, 4-1). I hope they will go far.



Anonymous said...

It is very hard to find the matches here in the States...I've seen bits of a few games, and it is a very high and enjoyable level of football...and I LOVE the uniforms, especially the orange ones!! :) Chris R.

The Waves said...

Chris R: I never quite understood why football isn't popular in the US. I am really not into sports at all, but football is something special!

Anonymous said...

We like over here, Waves, offense...both in our military and in ours sports (sadly)---defense just does not move us very much at all. So, when we have a baseball game that has a final score of 1-0, we are bored and consider the games a failure, because there were not homeruns, and mega-scoring bursts to hold our interest. And in basketball, we'd rather see a run-and-gun type game, where each team scores over a hundred points, than a defensive struggle, where 80 points wins the day. I really think it's our short attention spans...that's why we play video games instead of reading a book---with a book, you might have to wait 200 hundred pages for the denouement, where with stupid video games, something/someONE is killed every 2.5 seconds, so the reward is instantaneous, though of dubious value. And we have 200 hundred tv channels on our cable tvs, so we flip channeles ceaselessly...this way, something exciting pops up on our screens every 10 seconds (and when we finally do flip back to that basketball game, someone will almost certainly score within 10 seconds of our return, so there! We have our stellar offensive moment!). And soccer, sadly, is a game of strategy, and long-term goals. Feint..feint...feint...and eventually, maybe once a game, or twice, you will deceive and beat your opponent, and score the winning goal. But it takes long periods of time....two 45 minute halves (is that spelled right?? Oy, I'm asking a very smart person who knows 5-6 languages how to spell something in my own langauge!! :)...and the score might end 1-nil, or 2-1. We do not have the patienece, as a nation, to sit around and wait 1.5 hours for something of an offensive nature to happen, in our games. It's very sad, really...the World cup games are the most exciting event!! :) Anywways, I don't want to sound too down on my countrymen...there are some very good things over here, of course, as well. Does any of this make sense?? :) Chris R.