Wednesday, 18 June 2008

I am Illusia

I am out and about, playing with leather mice. Me and my humanoid friend are listening to The Cinematic Orchestra.

"This is a place where I don't feel alone - this is a place where I feel at home..."


Anonymous said...

So regal looking! Illusia is beautiful, and her eyes are lovely, too (Masa has quite a looker there! :). She seems very at peace, I hope this is a sign that she is adapting quickly, and well! I think I see a little mosuy in the background! :) Well, I am sure Masa and Illusia couldn't have found a better home, or roommate. My kitties make me smile, or laugh all the day long, and I bet your kitties will help to bring daily joy to your life, as well. Good job, Waves!! Chris R.

Anonymous said...

What a pretty name for a pretty kitty. Illusia, you got yourself an AWESOME cozy dig with plenty of upcoming catnaps on top of interesting books and beautiful vintage finds; and you can kinda tell the sun's rays are going to accomodate you quite well when you are basking. :P Anonymous #2 - Tooooo cuuute.

The Waves said...

Chris R: Illusia is starting to feel very much at home already. I am super happy!

Anon.2: speaking of names, it was so funny how the people at the shelter asked me if I would change the cats' names. These names were given to them at the shelter, but really, how could I change them? Illusia just sounds so ladylike and regal, and well, Masa is such a wonderful, down-to-earth kind of name with a ton of vagabond character that i wouldn't even dream of changing it either.

Anonymous said...

You are listening to a good band. There's a cat who knows what she wants.
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