Sunday, 15 June 2008

Let me introduce myself

Hello. My name is Masa. I used to be a wild cat, but I was caught and taken to the animal shelter. The people at the shelter took good care of me, but you people know what these shelters are like: you don't really have your own space, you live in a small cubicle and have to deal with strangers every day.

Maybe it is due to my past as a wild one, but I have a really tough time trusting people. People don't really seem to like me. I have spent more than a half a year at the shelter, without anyone being interested in giving me a hand with life. That is fine though, I don't like people. They are loud, and I don't understand why everyone wants to pat me. You see, I am a fine gentleman, but I need my space. The only buddy I need is my girlfriend, Illusia.

Anyway, the reason I am telling you all this is because something strange happened today. Me and Illusia were minding our own business in our cubicle, when the shelter people told us that it was time for us to leave for our new home. I recognised the lady who was with them - it was the same lady that has come to visit us at the shelter two times this week. We were put in carrier bags and taken somewhere in a car.

So here I am, hiding under this chest of drawers. I don't know what is going on. All I know is that Illusia is hiding in another room, under a bed. We are both really nervous, maybe even a bit scared. But like David Bowie says: ch-ch-ch-ch-changes, turn and face the strain.


Anonymous said...


Congratulations on your new kitties, so amazing when people give a desperately needed home to animals.... I'm sure by tomorrow morning they will be out and about and ruling your house.


Anonymous said...

You saved two shelter kitties!! YAY!! My 5 taken-in strays applaud you! And adult-looking kitties too! That's wonderful! I'm so happy you didn't separate them...can you imagine how lost and sad...and scared one of the kitties would have been, had you left he/she behind? My last kitties were three sisters...I thought my home couldn't take more than two more kitties, so I went to my friend's home (the person who found them) intending to take only two of the kitties...but when I got there, and saw them huddled together in a protective, sheltering kitty pile, it broke my heart how scared they were, and I could never then have separated them. So YAY!!! :) Since they appear to be slightly older kitties (not kittens), it very likely will take them a little while to get over their fear of this new ch-ch-ch-change in their lives...and as they may not have spent much time around people, it may take them just a little while to get used to you...but they will make their peace with all of the newness in their lives, and I bet you will have the two most wonderful, loving friends living with you in no time at all. So congrats to all of you, in this nascent stage of your friendhsip, support and love for each other. YAY!! :) Chris R.

ps--what a handsome boy you have their, btw...that's a lvoely kitty!!

Iztvan said...

Hienoa että kaksi reppanaa saivat hyvän kodin.

Unicorns Have Whiskers said...

Hei vaan Masa!
Onnea uuteen kotiin!

The Waves said...

V: Not quite out and about yet... These two cats are really timid, it is their third day under my bed now (apart from their nightly visits to the bathroom). The people at the shelter told me that both of them might have been molested, and that it might take weeks before they gather enough courage to relax. Well, I have time to wait, they can take all the time they need!

Chris R.: yup, after seeing that clip of cat yodling, I have been thinking about cats non-stop, and once I met Masa and Illusia, I knew that I would be able to offer them the peace and quiet they need. Masa is such a handsome cat, and he clearly doesn't care that his girlfriend isn't quite as attractive. Illusia has a damaged eye, and she is really tiny and a bit scruffy-looking. I will post pictures once they come out from hiding!

iztvan: jee, olen haaveillut kissoista jo vaikka kuinka kauan, mutta naissa kahdessa oli jotain ihan erityista. Hienoja rontteja ovat molemmat, vaikkakin vahan taisteluvammaisia ja reppanoita.

Anonymous said...

:) Looking forward, greatly, to additional pictures! Boy, those kitties had soo many things that most people would see as negatives...the fact that they were abused (which could asily affect their personalities--make them shy and wary--for months to come)...the fact that they were older...and that the little lady had an eye that had been damaged. I bet they could have easily waited another 6 months at the shelter, for someone to find and love them, and take them home (assuming that it ever even would happen). So it is amazing that you have fallen for them, and now share your home with them. I think, because they have had such a hard life, that once they do get their courage up, and start getting used to their new home, and their new friend, that they will be even more loyal than the average kitty, because someone is finally providing them with love, and not neglect...and providing them with a safe, stable living situation for them to grow up, and mature, and grow old in. The three sisters I have would not come out from my basement for a week when I first brought them home...and then I'd just see their little black and white heads peeking around corners at me...and then I'd hear them racing through the house, back to the basement and their little hidey-holes (one was much bolder than the others, and was coming to see me much earlier than the others...she still is the boldest kitty I have...the only one who talks regularly, and I love a talking kitty! :). But congrats again on this kind act...I wonder, the kitties were in shelter for 6 months or more...I hope that means that shelters there do not put animals down when they've remained un-adopted for too long? Some shelters here keep animals forever, and some do put them down when they take in too many strays...I've always been very sad that these shelters do kill seems so wrong to me. Bye for now, Waves, Chris R.

ps--glad the yoedling-kittiy vidoe inspired you soo! :) Kitties are just the sweetest, warmest little things!!