Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Music shopping

I spent forever in a record shop called X today. Unlike 99% of the population of the Western world, I don't believe in the death of the album any more than I believe in the death of books. I truly enjoy the experience of touching things, seeing things in the flesh, of hearing the world around me buzz away. This is why I don't really do online-shopping at all. I rather pay a little extra for the knowledge of the store keeper, for the atmosphere around me, for touching and getting a feel for things.

I finally got my hands on the new My Morning Jacket album, Evil Urges. It seems to be a very fine album, although I am not convinced that it sounds quite as good as Z (which is perhaps one of my most favourite albums of all time). I also finally got From Here We Go Sublime by The Field, the Congotronics 2, as well as some Cinematic Orchestra.

This is what I was wearing today:

This is the print of the jacket:

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