Saturday, 7 June 2008

The sea, the sea!

I have spent the entire day at Suomenlinna. We found a quiet spot on the beach where the wind or the tourists couldn't reach us. I don't know what it is about the sea, but I find it soothing. Its presence is an instant get-away from everyday life, even from myself sometimes.

I am wearing something I like to call comfortable pastels. The jeans (yes, jeans!) are from Topshop, the top from H&M, the cardi from UFF, the bag from Fida and the shoes are Converse.


Anonymous said...

The sea, indeed, and no signposts to be seen! :) (Sorry, I felt SOMEONE had to say that!! :) Chris R.

morgan said...

I love the sea!!!
It is one of my continuous sources of inspiration!

The Waves said...

Chris R.: yup, it was almost TOO obvious... :-)

morgan: maybe it is the endless ebb and flow of the sea that inspires so many. The sea is one of the few things that keep changing but still remain the same.