Saturday, 28 June 2008

Strawberry tart on a cloudy day

I have spent most of the day with my sister, my brother and my brother's wife. We all went to a rather big local flea market to pick up some furniture for my brother. Afterwards we went to my brother's house, and had tea and strawberry tart (with a ton of whipped cream) in the garden. The weather wasn't amazing, but we truly enjoyed sitting outdoors, listening to the birds chirping away, drinking tea from delicate Lomonosov tea cups. It is funny how much better tea tastes when it is served in the right kind of china!

This is what I wore today:

On a different note: I have never been totally into the hippie look. Especially when I had long hair, wearing flares and Indian cotton looked a bit forced, a bit time-machine-made. For whatever reason, with short hair, pieces like these look a bit more modern:

Indian cotton dress: flea market, 1,50 e.

Skirt worn as a dress: flea market, 1 e. I was thinking of belting it first, but for some reason I quite love the sack-like shape just the way it is.

Well-suited for the hippie theme: I found these two framed astrological maps at the recycling centre:

And SCORE! The memoirs of Shostakovich! I was so happy to have found this book! I also hunted down Nabokov's memoirs.

All in all, it has been a wonderful day even though nothing awfully special happened. Some days are just better than others, and I don't feel the need to explain why that is. Maybe it's the scarab's doing, but on days like these I feel reborn.

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Hailey @ said...

Lately I've been feeling like a hippie trapped inside this girly girl. Love both those dresses, and I can see how they wuld look different with long hair.