Monday, 9 June 2008

Treasure hunting at Hietalahti

If my old eyes got it right, Minna Parikka was at the Hietalahti flea market, selling her vintage (and other) goodies this past Sunday. She wore the strangest outfit herself (navy blue sailor-style trousers with a bright white lace-up fastening on the bum, a shiny petrol blue silk blouson, Sonia Rykiel frames and her own goldish/greenish/yellowish Lily sandals), but oh gosh, the stuff she was selling! It was obvious that a lot of the good stuff had already been snapped by someone else, but I managed to get my hands on two really wonderful pieces. Luckily her prices were very reasonable indeed!

I was too lazy to iron the dress for the picture, but you get the idea. The dress has a pearl button fastening at the back, and for once (for once!) an ankle-length dress is actually ankle-length on me!

There was a time when I promised myself (and others) never to wear culottes, but that was when I hadn't seen a cool pair. These ones are made of wool, and I have no idea how to wear them.

The shoes are my mom's old, but I added the red shoe bows for fun. I found the bows at another flea market a couple of weeks back. They are wonderful, they brighten up any old shoe.

If there is something I am obsessing about (well, there is a lot, actually), it is costume jewellery. An older lady was getting rid of her treasures at Hietalahti, and I got the brooches (and a pair of earrings) for such a ridiculously small amount of money that it wasn't even funny. The teapot (for brewing proper tea - no tea bags for me, thank you very much) cost two euros.


Ranna said...

I can't believe you bought things from Minna!
She has one of the coolest personal styles ever, so I can barely imagine how great her table was.
Oh, I wish I could have been there.

geerte said...

So the tea pot is a tea egg? So you would put a tea pot inside a teapot to make tea? That's fun :D

Isabel said...

Eek! Those shoe bows are adorable. Plus, I love costume jewelry too.

Laura said...

That tiny tea pot is probably the funniest, thrifted thing I've seen for a while. :)

I've also noticed I'm pretty much into old brooches when I'm visiting flea markets. Even though I always try to ask myself questions like "Do I really, really need this?" and "Where could I actually wear this?", it's hard to resist buying them if they're both pretty and cheap...

Anonymous said...

I wasn't sure but I thought I saw you at Hietsu on Sunday, turns out I was right.. I'm just way too shy to say hi.
Well, you found some really nice stuff there; I saw Minna's table as well, but was on a strict ban of buying because of the move, what a pity!

Milla said...

Wow! It was a big scores day at Hietalahti apparently! I got some decent loot too, but you really found stuff to suit you. Can't wait to see you work in the jewellery.

ray said...

wow what amazing buysxx

The Waves said...

ranna: it was really cool to see Minna in person, although I hate to admit that I didn't get an awfully friendly perception of her. Then again, I am sure she has better things to do than be super talkative and happy in front of strangers staring at her (albeit admiringly) at a flea market!

geerte: yes, you got it right. Too funny, isn't it? :-)

isabel: I got two pairs of shoe bows, actually, these red ones, and a pair in green tartan. They are super!

laura: the problem with costume jewellery is that they are small and one can just keep hoarding them in huge amounts. You always have space for an extra brooch, unlike, say, furniture or coats. "Do I really need this" is a question I certainly should be asking myself a lot more, but I don't, because I like to live dangerously. :-D

muija: oh you should have come & said hello! I would have probably gotten completely confused though, because I am not exactly used to being recognised on the street on the basis of this blog! In fact, there are times when I wonder if the people who comment or read the stuff I write are actually real people at all. :-)

milla: there were so many cool things to buy at Hietsu... I don't usually go there that often (I prefer my local suburban flea markets) but this past Sunday certainly made me think that I should go more often!

ray: yup, I absolutely love everything I bought, not to mention all the books I didn't even write about!