Monday, 23 June 2008

Who are we?

I am always at a loss when people ask me to either tell them something about myself, or to describe my style. I hate to put myself into a box, I hate defining myself or anything about me. Just like everyone else, I am nothing and everything. I truly believe in being able to be whoever I want to be, every single day, with or without defining it.

I am sporty, yet I never run.

I am androgyne, yet I am female.

I am playful, yet I am grown up and serious.

I am a romantic, yet I watch football.

I wore this last outfit today, but I could have chosen any of the above, and yet I would have been me. It is as if every day I choose to wear a different superhero costume.

Illusia is a superhero too:

"Don't you dare interrupt my mouse-loving-session. And so what if I dig Strauss? I do polka for breakfast, buddy."


Junimond said...

i love this post. you totally hit the nail about how I feel.
even if I wanted to try to explain my style to somebody, I never could.

The Clothes Horse said...

You pull off every look wonderfully. I get frustrated with the fact that my style feels so disjointed to me--I want to have defining style that is consistant and always me!

Hailey @ said...

Great post, I have trouble to define my style as well - I think you did a good job of describing yours here. :-)

Anonymous said...

Great post, Waves. Even if we do answer those questions, and describe who we think we are (the answer most likely changing everytime we are asked) others still perceive us through the filter of their own minds, and we, as we describe ourselves, are usually not the person the questioner perceives us to be. So really, this sort of questioning is meaningless...I think if those questions are asked, they should, perhaps, be asked only by ourselves, in our own internal monologue...maybe we need to check ourselves from time to time to make sure we have not gotten too far away from who we wanted to be, when we were young enough to set goals for these sort of concepts. Great post! Chris R.

Anonymous said...

ps--and OF COURSE Illusia is a superhero!! All kitties are superheroes! the very gymnasts, and acrobats!! :) CR

esme and the lane way said...

Great post – it is an interesting topic, and I like how you answer it. And Illusia rocks!

The Waves said...

junimond: I find it interesting why people take so much time asking questions (about other people, or their style), or describing themselves, when in fact simple subjective observation is probably just as accurate! So no need for explanations, in my opinion, if not just for our own peace of mind sometimes, to help us sleep at night. :-)

the clothes horse: I have a feeling that everyone feels disjointed, both in terms of style and life in general. Sometimes I think that how other people see us is almost more interesting than the way we see ourselves. It is one big mystery, trying to figure out the relationship between the subject, the object and observation. I think your style is very consistant, and it goes perfectly with the way you portray yourself in your blog. But then again, why do I have that perception, and you don't... who knows! :-)

hailey: I guess in the end we don't need definitions, we just need to come up with emergency answers in case Hel-looks stops us on the street. :-D

Chris R: well, you summed it up perfectly, just the way I would have. Great minds think alike, or how does the saying go..? :-)

esme and the lane way: the topic is both interesting and never-ending. I could have spent hours writing about it, and have a feeling that I will probably write about it many times to come, always a little bit differently, if for nothing else but to confuse myself. :-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Waves! Though I think, honestly, your mind is a bit greater than mine (you are having this conversation, after all, in what is not your primary language, whcih impresses, as always, the h*ll out of me). And forgive me for one thing in my comment...I meant to say "So really, this sort of questioning of us by others is meaningless...".
I did not mean that your writing about the topic of who you are is meaningless...I meant that others trying to make us describe who we are, to them (when they almost certainly already have a definitive idea of who they think we are) is what is meaningless. And it is wonderful, of course, when we surprise someone and make them, in a positive way, change their ideas of who we are...but these positive changes almost never come from us just explaining, in a spoken essay, who we think we are, but rather by the other person observing us, unawares, over a period of time. OK, I think I'm confusing myself right now! :) Have a great weekend, Waves, Chris R.

ps---are the kitties used to you, and your/their home now? I hope they are over their nervousness!! :)

The Waves said...

Chris R: yeah, I knew what you meant! :-)
The cats are doing very well, that you for asking. Illusia is a very happy lady, she is busy purring away all day and marking furniture (and myself) as her property. Masa is still very shy, although he is no longer hiding under the bed all day (just half a day now). He woke me up about 5 times last night, trying to play with my toes...

Anonymous said...

I had meant to mention, Waves, that you can be sure that a kitty feels at home, when it attacks your blanketed toes...I am perfectly confident that these two kitties feel at home, and will be your best, most loving companions for many, many years to come...and forgive my asking, but 'marking furniture'....kitties can mark by scratching...or rubbing there scent onto things...or *ahem* peeing on things. Is your Illusia marking using one of the first two methods, I hope?
I have been worried about you Waves, forgive me, because of what I thought might be an undercurrent to several of your recent posts (and today's post, about your June vacation). Your introspection has been fascinating, but looking inward can be something we initiate, or often it is something thrust upon us...and often too it is because someone has hurt us, or criticized us in a mean or hurtful way. I have been worried about whether something has been happening in your Life that has troubled or hurt you. I would never ask the details of course, as we have known each other such a short time, but I soo hope you are well, and that there is nothing bad going on in your Life that has caused you trouble, or troubled thoughts. You seem to me a remarkable, and remarkably intelligent, young woman, and a very good person too...I hope you are well, and happy, and that your recent introspection has been an example of a person's self-initiated evaluation of where they are, and where they are headed, in Life. Take care of yourself, Waves, your virtual friend, Chris R.

Anonymous said...

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