Sunday, 6 July 2008

It can't be, can it..?

Since when have luxury labels been counterfeited? How does one recognise a fake? These questions have been going through my mind for the past two hours. You see, I found this at an antique store:

The store in question is a tiny suburban antique store, run by two elderly people who have a huge selection of old record players, lamp shades, art, china, jewellery, books... all sorts of stuff, not that many clothes though, just a couple of really old vintage dresses here and there.

I saw this belt on an upper shelf, where it had been positioned next to a wonderful vintage hat (of which more later). I looked for the store owners if they could tell me the belt's story (they always tell you where the items are from etc), but they were not there today, and there was some other lady at the till. The belt didn't have a price tag on it, so I approached the lady at the till, who was seemingly annoyed that she had to come up with the prices for "all these random items that the owners haven't priced yet". She didn't really even look at the belt and just said "well, you can have it for 5 euros."

It's not like this store is the type of place that would put fake items up for sale, but I still have doubts if this could be the real thing. The leather is genuine patent and the slightly worn buckle weighs about half a kilo (no kidding). The stiching on the leather looks old but immaculate. The reverse side of the belt has no markings whatsoever. If it is real, the lady at the till certainly didn't know what she was selling, but if she knew (or thought) it was fake, she probably would have at least given me the usual "I don't know the belt's origin, it might be real, might be fake"-story. So, are there any vintage Chanel specialists out there? Could this be real?

This is the vintage hat I was talking about. It's not exactly my colour, but I love the shape and the feather detail at the back.

I also found this dress at the flea market. A bit Hyacinth Bucket, but who cares.


esme and the lane way said...

hmmm, I'd like to know... it sounds so well made, and you like it, so I think it's a great find either way!

Amy G said...

I think you got a nice piece either way. I agree with you that there is something suspicious about it--it doesn't have the usual Chanel classic style about it, nor does it have the twin-C logo we associate with Chanel. But many fashion houses went a bit "mod" in the 60s and 70s, so it's conceivable that this piece is from that era when they were trying to stay relevant and attract a younger clientele. Who knows? It's pretty! And the hat--love it.

Laura said...

The hat is my favourite of these.

I've got something for you in my blog.

Jimena said...

I honestly don't know whether that's a real Chanel or not, but you still got yourself a nice item.

I do love the hat.

elle s'ennuie said...

I have no idea about the authenticity of the belt myself, but I've seen lots of such questions get answered on the eBay Shoes, Purses and Fashion Accessories board. I agree with others though, it's a neat belt either way.

the Launderette said...

Nice Keeping Up Appearances reference...haha. And cool stuff! said...

real or fake its awesome!