Monday, 21 July 2008


I am hoping to get my computer fixed by the end of this week. There are so many things I have wanted to write about during this past week, and it has been (and still is) awfully frustrating to not be able to post anything! Stay tuned, I will be back soon!


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to your return! Chris R.

Amy G said...

I hope your laptop is fixed soon!

Anonymous said...

'Brideshead Revisited' opens here tomorrow...I must say, the snippets of scenes from the film that I have seen do not seem as I envisioned them from the book. I wonder if the film opens there soon, Waves, and if so if you will go?
Hey, I thought you might find this entry at another site's all about organizing a library (by adding a coloured label to the book). I'd never seen anything quite like this before...I'm torn about this, because the added label kind of disfigures the unified look of the book (I know there are people whose job it is to coordinate the look of a book's cover)...but still, the colors are amazing, and seeing a whole row of books colour coordinated like this is just amazing :) CR