Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Person in Pink

When in doubt, borrow Edward Lear:

There was a Young Person in Pink,
Who called out for something to drink;
But they said, 'O my daughter,
There's nothing but water!'
Which vexed that Young Person in Pink.


Little rose hair clips worn as shoe clips!

Sleeping cats!

My brain has switched itself off already, and it has only been two days since I returned to work. I apologise for not having anything meaningful to write about today. (Although sleeping cats are quite meaningful.)


Iztvan said...

Hieno asu:"Pretty in pink". Mulla on erityinen suhde pinkkiin, kerron joskus.

Amy G said...

Your dress is BEAUTIFUL! I love it!

esme and the lane way said...

This is beautiful! I'm getting very inspired to do pale clothes with dark accessories...

Anonymous said...

Ihana toi pinkki mekko ja upeat kengät!


ray said...

stunning the colourxx

Jay said...

i really like this blog so sweet and laid back{ and i adore the kitty's

Anonymous said...

Hi Waves! I thought you might like to hear this's my favorite song about a kitty.

"Wop-A-Din-Din", by The Red House Painters.

This is an autobiographical song, I believe...the singer is singing about his real-life kitty. I hope you like the song! :) Chris

Milla said...

Ihanat! Eli lovely! What a fun idea to use hairclips as shoebows!

The Waves said...

iztvan: tuskin maltan odottaa tarinaa!

amy g: thanks!

esme and the lane way: I am getting a bit tired doing only pale pastels, something like navy or dark green usually works.

H-: kiitti!

ray: thanks, I wasn't sure about the colour at first, I thought it might look really childish, but I think it works with darker tones.

jay: who wouldn't adore kitties! :-)

Chris: haven't had a chance to look for the song yet, but thanks for the tip!

milla: now that I have short hair I have to come up with new ways to get some use ouf of my old hair accessories... :-)

Anonymous said...