Monday, 14 July 2008

Suburban shopping

Me and my sister spent forever at our local suburban shopping centre, and on our way home came to the conclusion that there is no reason to go to the centre of Helsinki to find nice new clothes. For example, we made some great discoveries while shopping at Anttila, the Finnish equivalent of Target. This blue cotton & silk mix dress was my personal favourite:

My sister's red & white dress was free, because we bought three sale items. (Buy two, take three!)

Her jacket was reduced 60%, and it cost about 22 euros! We ended up strolling around the shopping centre, went to all sorts of stores we wouldn't normally go into, and had a great day.

I am not much of a jeans wearer, but I go through phases when I practically speaking live in jeans. Earlier this year I sold my old jeans at the flea market, and have been looking for a good pair ever since to replace some old ones that I have worn to shreads. I have found two great pairs this past week:

These ones are by Denimbirds.

These are by Crocker. By the way, their website features some of the most repulsing, cheap and degrading advertising images (featuring Carmen Electra) I have seen in a long time. My jeans are wonderful though.

I found this old scarf at the flea market:

And this is what I wore today:


kasia said...

hi, i'm tagging you! i love your sister's new jacket and your new jeans as well

Minni said...

You two are just soooo adorable! :)

iztvan said...

Kiva että siskokin pääsee välillä malliksi. :)

Milla said...

great finds and I love that scarf! sometimes the oddest stores yield the best stuff, really and you won't see it on as many people as your average h&m garment

Karima said...

oh ho! i've just awarded you the brillante award too! those are some lovely finds!

Anonymous said...

Great finds, Waves! You both look lovely (your sister's hair is awesome, too!! :). I hope you are well; have a great weekend, Chris R.