Sunday, 13 July 2008

Trouble, oh trouble; loveliness, oh loveliness

The reason why I have not been able to post anything since last Wednesday is my laptop. The silly thing has decided that it doesn't want to start up at all. Ugh, I hate technology! There are things I really should (and want to) write about, such as two blog awards I have received recently (thank you, laura, and esme and the lane way!) as well as doing some work on my comments section, but I hope you will forgive me for postponing those right now. I am at my sister's computer, in a bit of a hurry, and want to show you a couple of new things.

I really don't like Gina Tricot. It is one of those clothing stores that make me agitated and nervous the minute I walk in, and I wonder why I even bother going in. The music they play is really awful, and way too loud. The store is full of teenagers giving me the evil eye, because I am obviously too old to be shopping there. Well, I haven't really bought anything at Gina Tricot, before this past week. I found this dress at the sale rack, because it had some make-up stains on it. (By the way, this make-up issue is something I have never quite understood. Why is it so difficult to try on a piece of clothing without wiping your face on it?) Anyway, this is the dress:

I imagine the inspiration behind the dress is every fashion blogger's favourite, the Miu Miu s/s2008 collection. The cut on the top part is lovely, but a bit too bold for my liking (and for my small bosom). I figured I could wear it with a t-shirt underneath. I am sure the regulars at Gina Tricot would wear the dress with a silicone strap bra, black leggings and 1980s style white patent pumps, but oh well, I don't do any of those things.

I went to check out the H&M final sale earlier this week. When the Marimekko collection for H&M came out this spring/summer, there was one item I wanted, and couldn't find. I was in luck this week though, because I found what I wanted, and it had a -70% tag on it! The piece in question was this swimsuit:

The colour or the pattern isn't exactly something I would normally go for, but the cut is to die for!

This is what I wore today:

The hair band is from Glitter, it was -50%. I also got a burgundy red one, as well as an ivory one with a different kind of flower attached to it. I wore the latter last night when I went out, and a very drunken man in an ill-fitting suit asked me if I was having my bachelorette party. As if a girl couldn't wear a flower in her hair otherwise!

[I hope to get my laptop fixed as soon as possible. Before that happens, I am having to rely on my sister's computer and I will not necessarily be able to post as often as I would want to. Sorry, folks!]


Amy G said...

You styled the dress beautifully! We don't have Gina Tricot in the US....our teen shops are Abercrombie and Forever 21, complete with loud music and evil eyes. I've not been in either one in ages!

Hailey @ said...

That first dress is so pretty, I really adore you bathing suit too, great pattern and colors.

beccajanie said...

I love that swimsuit - unique and cool.