Saturday, 26 July 2008

The vagabond experience

Well, I am back. My laptop is still not fixed, but I am borrowing my sister's, and should be able to have it at my disposal until my own is doing better. It feels strange to write after such a long break. I feel that a lot of things have happened even though my life is pretty much the same as usual. It is that part of summer, I guess, which makes one want to jump out of one's skin and go crazy. You know, to just do things for the sake of doing, not caring what other people think.

I am not awfully outspoken or spontaneous, and can be thought of as a private person, actually. This is why having these strange, live-in-the-moment feelings is even more meaninful to me. At times like these I let go of an inner burden I carry around me for most of the year, and just act. They can be small things, meaningless things, or it can be about talking about my deepest feelings and fears to someone who doesn't expect it. The reactions of the people around me are not always positive, and sometimes I get no reactions at all, but I have to be true to my inner self.

Today, as I was at work, feeling tired and bored, a street artist (a juggler) came round to entertain a bunch of people on the street I work by. For whatever reason, I was fascinated by this guy, and after I was done with work, I went over to him and asked him if he would join me for ice cream. He was a bit weirded out, but said yes, and off we went, me and this total stranger and his three dogs, off to the seashore to have ice cream. We spoke of animals, of travelling (he is a vagabond, of Italian origin), of languages, people, the mafia, extreme sports, shopping, you name it. It was such an uplifting experience to just talk and hang out with a stranger that it doesn't bother me one bit that I will never see him again.

These silver shoes are my new favourites, I have worn them almost every day now. I bought them to replace the pale pink ballet pumps I wore to bits. I wore the outfit with the beanie two days ago, and the one above today.


Hailey @ said...

How very outgoing of you - I'm impressed.

Milla said...

Me too. Impressed that is. And what fun, to escape your usual self for a moment, and talk to someone who has no expectation of how you might behave, or how you should be.
Also, am digging the grunge outfit with the hat and the plaid dress.

Stephanie said...

That sounds so cool, I wish I had the courage to do things like that! You're gorgeous, by the way.

esme and the lane way said...

Yay, welcome back! I agree, very brave of you, I'm glad you had fun.
I love the silver shoes.

Amy G said...

What a brave thing to do! And seems to have made a very nice experience for two people to chat and enjoy ice cream together.

beccajanie said...

Sounds like a very interesting conversation.

where did you find those fabulous silver shoes? they are wonderful!