Saturday, 9 August 2008

Experimenting with prints

I was reading (well, actually flipping through) the August issue of Amica last night, and found myself admiring these looks. What is strange is that only a month ago I would have shrugged my shoulders at these photos, and thought that they were boring.

I can't remember the last time I have been as happy as today about an outfit I have put together. I don't think it has anything to do with the actual outfit being particularly good, but it is more about having had a certain feeling (mixed) this morning, then throwing some clothes on, and feeling like I have managed to channel through the sentiment I had. A big part of me has been looking at myself from any reflective surface I have been able to find today, and thinking "who the hell is this person?". The other part of me has been telling myself "you are moving on, you are going places you have not seen before." The place in question today was geometrical prints.

I am in love with this parka I found at the Indiska sale. It is so practical, and looks cool and effortless (which it is, as well).

I got these shoes at an awful store called Mekka that sells the cheapest (and cheapest-looking) plastic shoes. I actually went in because I saw bright orange converse-look-a-likes from the window as I passed by. The orange shoes turned out to look awful, but then I saw these golden ones, -50%. I changed the laces (the ones they came with were golden satin), and thought that they looked fab: a strange mix of oxfords and sporty shoes.


Anonymous said...

Tää legginssi homma on ihan rehellisesti niin hyvä juttu!
Sä näytät niin hyvältä!
T: Suvi

Anonymous said...

This is an amazing outfit, Waves. It looks as though it has been handcrafted for fits you perfectly, or maybe, you fit it perfectly. The skirt and the top compliment each other beautifully...there is no clashing of these different patters. And the leggings are such a nice touch (and forgive me again for being forward, but you do have the most perfect calves in the world, I think). This sort of outfit really suits you, and I am happy to see you experimenting...and isn't it lovely to surprise yourself once in awhile? To see a reflection in some agreeable surface, and realize that the divine creature looking back at you is yourself! Very lovely, well done, CR

Saorise, the Irish nymph said...

I love the shoes!