Saturday, 30 August 2008

The shape of things to come

So much for me promising to post more often! A couple of people from work got sick over the past week, and guess who had to work 10-hour-days... wow, you guessed, it was me! I am going to stop saying that I will post more often, because everytime I do, something comes up!

I wonder if I am the only one who is feeling perplexed by this season's fashion. There are so many trends out there right now, that it makes me think whether there is anything that is not fashionable. It is not that I am a dedicated follower of fashion or anything, but I simply can't remember a time when the selection of styles (be it in magazines, or in clothing stores) was this broad.

We have grunge, punk, pop, techno, classical, goth, English countryside, nomad, hardcore futuristic city, lace, fur, texture, sleek, cocoons, egg shapes, bodycon, leggings, no leggings, wide trousers, skinny trousers, no trousers, high waist, low waist, blouses, t-shirts, flats, normal heels, crazy heels... Not that I have always dressed according to fashion (mostly it has been just the opposite), but I find this endless sea of options both confusing and wonderful. I feel like I want to wear something totally different every day, to explore my sense of style, but I also get awfully confused when I have five minutes to decide what to wear. More now than ever, I feel like I have to ask myself every day: "what do I feel like wearing? who am I?"

As you might see from the images above, I am still going strong with my leggings phase. I have been experimenting with loose shapes, and believe it or not, with bodycon... I am sure a bunch of trendsetters would wear these tunics above without a skirt underneath, but I simply do not understand the 'sans pants' trend. Leggings are not pants, right? They are meant to be worn with something other than just a shirt, right? Surely it is not okay to expose one's rear end in something that is basically tights, and hence can be considered underwear? Right..? Hmm, it seems that I do want some structure in 'what is wearable', after all. I will risk being criticised over this, but I want someone, anyone, to ban people from wearing leggings as pants! Elle UK clearly disagrees..!


Anonymous said...

Love all these looks...the raven piece is really amazing! CR

Hailey @ said...

Hi there!
I featured you and linked your blog on my site yesterday, I hope you don't mind. (Please let me know if you do).
Love your effortless style!

Vasiliisa said...

"Surely it is not okay to expose one's rear end in something that is basically tights, and hence can be considered underwear? Right..?"

Umm, well. Not so long ago T-shirt was considered underwear :)

The Waves said...

hailey: no I don't mind linking one bit! I have been wondering for a while whether you have a blog of your own, I am glad you included a link to it!

vasiliisa: you are back! :) and as usual, you are right (about the t-shirt). I am sure I would have been against t-shirts too if I had been around when people started exposing them for the first time. :)Call me old-fashioned..!