Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Leather skirt wearers, unite!

I have been feeling a little ill for the past couple of days, I even spent the entire day in bed yesterday. I am feeling a lot better today, still a bit shaky though, but of course that hasn't stopped me from engaging in wardrobe experiments.

The other day I was talking to a friend about leather skirts. What is it about leather skirts always drawing the wrong kind of attention? Why do people think they are "sexy"? Leather skirts being associated with sex reminds me of a recent conversation I had with another friend of mine, who thinks that over-the-knee boots (with or without heels) are only to be worn by prostitutes. How narrow-minded! To me, my black leather skirt is one of the most practical pieces of clothing I have: it looks powerful, fresh, modern and edgy, it is easy to dress up or down, it goes with anything, and it is very comfortable.

This is what I wore on Monday:


minni said...

You are sooooo beautiful! And your outfits are amazing!

Vasiliisa said...

Hell yeah! Leather skirts rule!

Laura said...

That's quite true what you wrote about the leather skirts. I mean, I have never own any, and it might be I've unconciously associated it with something that's tabu or something like that... Hard to explain as I've never really thought about the matter. If I ever find a leather skirt that really would fit me... well, why not. It'd probably be cool to try something extraordinary once in a while. :)

And, btw, I love that dress you were wearing!

Hailey @ said...

I agree with your friend that leather skirts are sexy, is that such a bad thing though? Also how it is styled can down down the sex appeal too.

The Waves said...

minni: thanks sweetheart! :)

vasiliisa: I know! I actually got inspired to wear mine because of the cool one made of colourful pieces of leather you wore the other day..!

laura: If you are interested in finding one, there are so many wonderful second hand leather skirts available at UFF all the time, although the prices are a little high! I got the dress from Hietsu flea market, I think I paid 1 euro for it! :)

hailey: well, I don't think there is anything wrong with leather skirts being sexy - many times they are sexy - but I do think there is something wrong with people intentionally labeling them sexy just because they are made of leather. This goes hand in hand with some stupid men thinking that a woman wearing a leather skirt is up for sale, or interested in engaging in sexual encounters more than other women, which is just silly. But from a broader spectrum I think it is interesting why leather as a material (or any garment, for that matter) is associated with sex in the first place and how it got to be that way... why some women avoid it, why some wear it, and why it brings out such strong emotions, both pro and against.

GloomySunday said...

You're style is very inspiring! It has the edge I'm longing for.

I just found myself wanting a leather skirt! Thanks to you to for wearing your skirt so well :).

Rocker Leather Linda said...

just came across this blog. I wouldn't wear leather skirts for ages because of the perceived sexual connotations associated with them. I had several other leather items and eventually wanted to wear a black leather outfit from head to toe - so I eventually took the plunge and bought a black leather micro skirt, and yes I think leather is SOOOOO sexy. I wear my black leather micro skirt with thigh high leather black boots with killer 4 inch heels and a black leather lewis lightning jacket that I have customised with a 1,000 studs and several chains. I like this look and feel good in it. And get complimented. So wear your leather with pride, especially your leather skirts. LEATHER ROCKS!