Sunday, 28 September 2008

Paul Newman 1925 - 2008

The most beautiful man who ever lived is gone. I knew that he would go soon, but this piece of news hit me as hard as River Phoenix's death in 1993. Oh why couldn't he live forever..?


Anonymous said...

What a nice post, Waves...what an amazing life he led. I remember when Cary Grant passed and it was shattering, personally (I was such a big fan). But it led me to search out just about every film he ever made, and I learned so much more of Cary the actor, because of his death...he is such a vibrant, present presence to me now, and for as long as I am able to watch films. It will be the same with Paul, I am sure, so his memory at least will be alive and powerful to his fans, for just the longest time. RIP Paul, and I wish Joanne, and his family peace. Chris R.

beccajanie said...

He was truly amazing.