Thursday, 11 September 2008

Someone likes me, someone likes me not

I only thought that it happened in movies: one is at work, minding one's own business, when a delivery man comes in with a huge bouquet of flowers, calls out your name, and there you are, stunned, blushing, but happy, trying to figure out what on earth just happened. Anyway, it turns out that this does take place in real life, and yes, it seems that there is something else in the air these days than just freezing cold drizzle... I, for all people, have an admirer who sends me flowers to my work place..!

This particular kittie, however, would certainly not be sending me flowers even if she could. She is not that fond of me right now.

Poor Illusia had to be taken to the vet on Monday because she seems to have a problem with her skin. I feel so bad for her, having to wear this awful collar, even though it is for her own good. She is disliking it a lot more than I am, I am sure.

This is what I wore today. I forgot to take a close-up picture of the brooch - it is a green butterfly, a wonderful flea market find from a couple of weeks back. The top and the dress are from H&M, the tights are from Indiska, and the shoes by Vagabond.


Vasiliisa said...

Poor Illusia looks like she'd rather send you the cacti on the background! Yes, I insist on the plural "cacti" :).

No, really, kitties always think their owners know no evil. If you go away for a few days and ask someone to feed them, they'll think the feeder is a very bad guy who's kidnapped their precious owner!

The flowers look way nice, I hope the sender is someone as nice ;)

T said...

that is one unhappy cat. and there is something vaguely s&m about that h&m dress.

esme and the lane way said...

I love the outfit. I I hope the kitteh gets better soon, poor thing!
And those flowers are beautiful, how nice to receive some!

Anonymous said...

Wow, amazing outfit! Very flattering, and very unique. Waves, how does the poor kitty sleep? Does she tuck her paws under, and form her body as the body of the sphinx is? Oh the poor kitty! :( I hope she is better very soon.
OMG, I didn't know roses could grow so large!! They look like a cheerleader's pom-poms!! That's really cool that you were sent these...someone, somewhere is clearly absolutely mad about you. Great pics! Chris R.

Anonymous said...

Good golly, Illusia'a eyes are beautiful!! CR

Hailey @ said...

I wonder who they are from.... I'd only get flowers from my mom :-)

Anonymous said...

Lovely Flowers! And outfit. :) I must admit that eventhough the poor kitten has to wear that terrible collar it looks very cute... I want to come and take a look at her. Kisses for you my dear freind and enjoy your weekend!


The Waves said...

Vasiliisa: oh I love "cacti" as well, in the plural. :)

t: hey, you'd be unhappy too with one of those collars stuck on your head. And there is nothing wrong with vague s&m, is there? :)

esme and the lane way: Illusia should be able to get rid of the collar next week, we can't wait!

Chris R.: The poor kitty sleeps on her side, just laying there, looking awfully depressed. The collar is too big for her to curl up on a ball like she usually does. :( It is funny you should say that her eyes are beautiful... her other eye is blurry and permanently damaged because she was in a cat fight during her stay at the animal shelter... but sometimes there is beauty in imperfection! And I know, the roses are huge!

hailey: I have an idea who they are from... just a certain someone... but I am not telling! :)

Suvi: must be a quiet day at work, since you have time to leave comments for me! :D Have a wonderful day and weekend, darling, and I'll see you on Tuesday!