Tuesday, 21 October 2008


I had almost forgetten how much I dislike this time of the year. I can deal with the rain, I can accept the fact that the gorgeous golden and red leaves turn into smelly mush overnight. But I can't, I cannot, deal with the darkness. This blog does not like the darkness either: it is too dark in the mornings to take outfit photos, and no matter how early I get off work and hurry home, I have to turn on the lights to take a picture.

Not to mention how difficult it is to come up with cool but rational outfits for these current miserable weather conditions. Raincoat and wellies, anyone..? Today's outfit pictures are staged, because I didn't actually wear these outfits today. I opted for something more practical and boring which did not deserve to have its picture taken. I love these shoes... I am more or less happy that I did not wear them today, because the rain would have ruined them.

I adore my new sweater, too. I can't exactly remember why I chose to not wear it this morning though... it might have been something called 'morning brainlessness'. (It is a condition that seems to torment many, especially during the slightly depressing months of October and November. The symptoms: lack of dress-sense in the mornings due to extreme tiredness.)

Hmm, I think MacGyver here needs to have a haircut. The appointment is booked already, but my hairdresser is so ridiculously busy that I have to wait for almost three weeks to see her!


Hailey @ stylesymmetry.com said...

Love the simplicity of these looks, fab new sweater!! I have trouble thinking some mornings too.

Anonymous said...

I like your posts! :) CR

Karima said...

this is not a boring outfit! i love the contrast between big sweater and skinny jeans. cute jacket and shoes too - it all works!

clairegrenade said...

perfect,perfect,perfect fall look all around

Slanelle said...

great shoes and sweater !!