Saturday, 25 October 2008

Jump, jump!

Ever since I got myself that crazy pair of MC Hammer-ish harem jeans a couple of weeks back, I have been obsessed with them. When I saw this image in the September issue of the Italian Marie Claire, I have been thinking about harem-style jumpsuits non-stop.

Earlier this week I stopped by at the Only concept store, and found this wonderful piece of clothing. After a careful 2-minute-long consideration I realised that I didn't even care if I could pull this off or not.

The best part is that not only is it a crazy harem jumpsuit, but it also works as crazy harem trousers!

I also tried on these jeans at the Diesel store:

They were the most wonderful jeans I have ever seen, but they cost 580 euros! For the time being, my Only ones will have to suffice (not that they are jeans, but oh well, one can't have everything).


Anonymous said... amazing you look here, Waves...
My favorite of the looks is the pic that is also at Flickr. It looks soo refined to is a tee shirt, and a bow, and a pair of harem trousers, but it still has such a refined, elegant feel to it (oh! and fantastic boots!! :). Just beautiful.
And hey! I love the tee shirt! I have one very similar, but I bought mine at a JC Penney's store...I'm not sure if they have that store where you live. But wonderful pics, Waves, as always!!!! Chris R,
ps--I think you are MUCH prettier than the models you included here!!! C

Anonymous said...

ps---the blue jeans are astoundingly wonderful! Oh, if only they had been on sale for even 300 Eruos! CR

a cat of impossible colour said...

Wow, that's amazing! I think you can totally pull that off.

Anonymous said...

I love your style but these are horrendous. No one can pull these off!

The Waves said...

Chris: thanks for the wows! :)

a cat of impossible colour: I am trying hard to believe that I can pull them off... because of...

anonymous: well... what can I say? :D