Sunday, 23 November 2008

NYC Hangover

It feels almost unreal to be back at home. As I am writing this and looking out of the window, it is snowing horizontally. Oh, winter has officially arrived!

I really had the greatest time ever in New York City. It is a remarkable place, even though the crowds and the general buzz were almost a little too much at times. Perhaps it was just about experiencing so much new stuff in such a short amount of time that made everything feel almost overwhelming, but in the best sense possible.

I have only started unpacking today. I hadn't quite realised how much shopping one can do in a couple of days. Not all of my (our) shopping was unpractical though, which I am very proud of! It was colder in NYC than I had expected, so Chris got me a super warm beanie:

The sunnies are new as well. Oh, Century 21 is such a chaotic place, but if you can get a pair of Paul Smith sunglasses for less than $60, it's worth the trouble! Oh, and these:

Yes, Chris is the greatest. I mean, a man who insists that he simply must get me a pair of John Galliano mary-janes... what could possibly be wrong with him..?

I guess at this point it is pretty obvious who my secret admirer was earlier this fall (the one that sent me flowers to work). I know, I know, I have been pampered in a way that borders on ridiculous, but hey, I am not complaining!

And this is me, getting back to reality... I bought the tunic and the velvet leggings at Urban Outfitters, and the ankle boots are from Aldo.


Anonymous said...

:) You are always so sweet, are always so kind. NYC was were all I cared about there, but seeing so much of the city, with you, was amazing; though I barely remember another person I saw there, because I was learning so many things about you. Thank you so much for the most amazing 4 days of my life.
And I wasn't sure what you would do with this tunic...but this is a wonderful outfit. You look very beautiful, Chris R.

T said...

any man that would brave the madness that is century 21 is patient and kind indeed.

vasiliisa said...

Now, I thought the story was romantic and all, but he got those shoes???? Get out :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Chris! I have trouble believing you are a real person, because you seem too good to be true :)

You make one of my dearest friends happy, thank you for that! Looking forward to meeting you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Minni,
what a lovely note, thank you! I am greatly looking forward to meeting you, as well (oh!! and I hope to start mailing out the postcards you and Waves talked about before our trip, tomorrow!! I am very excited about writing out the messages!! :).
Perhaps I really am too good to be true, and perhaps I really am a very selfish man...making our wonderful Waves happy has been the most rewarding, amazing experience of my looked at from that perspective, I really am a selfish man, who desires only to be personally happy, and I hope to achieve that happiness by making this remarkable person smile and glow, on a daily basis. So yes--I hope I can be this selfish, and this happy myself for a very, very long time...but to do this I will have to keep being kind to Waves, and keep devoting myself to her joy, and continue having this most remarkable of human beings in my life. Thank you again for the nice shout out, Minni!! Chris R.

Grace said...

I adore the shoes and the outfit you posted.

Anonymous said...

I'm a little bit late, and even not knowing you I need do say I'm so happy you could meet each other!
The way you met it's so sweet, it's exactly the kind of thing I'd like to read in a book. ;)
Good luck!

Rosa said...

You look beautfiul! And congratulations on your modern fairytale...xxxx