Monday, 29 December 2008

Stuff hangover

Long time, no see! I feel a little bad for not posting in such a long time, but well, everyone knows what holidays are like. My holidays lasted for three days, of which two were spent with relatives (yay!) and one with cleaning products and laundry (nay!).

I know this is terribly typical to say after Christmas and towards the beginning of the year, but I am starting to suffer from stuff overdose. I don't know whether it is (was) Christmas and now the sales, and seeing huge piles of random stuff in stores or at home: Christmas wrappings, -50% clothes that no one wants, turkey leftovers and such... well, whatever it is, there is just too much useless stuff everywhere.

I usually see clothes as potential style statements, but lately they (especially the ones in clothing stores) are starting to look like clutter. I went to some of my favourite stores yesterday after work to check out the sales, and came home empty handed. There were plenty of things I liked, but nothing that I wanted. Perhaps this is good, because my shopping habits have been out of control this year. I just counted that over the past year I have bought at least 20 pairs of shoes, three trench coats, three pairs of jeans, two overcoats, and I am too scared to even think about skirts, dresses and blouses, not to mention scarfs and random accessories.

I am considering going on shopping strike.

I wore the outfit above on Christmas day. The one below is an oldie that I forgot to post a week or so ago - I was planning on writing about mixing prints but I forgot all about it.


laura said...

hello, madame! (:
i'm glad you like my blog and added me to your blogroll - i like yours, too, so i will also add you to mine now.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures! Love each style...legs as art, I love it!! :) Chris

Eyeliah @ said...

Both outfits are so awesome I can't handle it!! I totally agree about the useless stuff in the stores, ick!! I don't need any of that crap!

Minni said...

You look like a goddess in the last picture...oh yeah, I forgot, you ARE one :)

Vasiliisa said...

Oh, I agree. Especially with two little nieces, Christmas can be rather overwhelming. Unfortunately the other one has her birthday right after Christmas - I'm so fed up with stuff I certainly didn't feel like giving anything anymore. But that wouldn't be fair.

Anonymous said...

I love you! Happy New Year!