Friday, 30 January 2009

Enough, enough already!!!

I bought these Diesel ankle boots in Milan last week. I also bought a pair of thigh-high boots, more of which tomorrow, because my camera's battery died mid-shooting just now. Add those black ankle boots from a couple weeks back, and hmm, perhaps there has been another pair that I have forgotten to mention, and my total for shoes purchased in 2009 equals more than it should, especially considering that I am supposed to be on strike.

Yes, yes, I need to stop. So why do they always look so pretty..?

I am serious this time though, it has to stop, before I get into serious trouble financially.


laura said...

but ankle boots are just perfect for you, so maybe it's okay. (: your neutral-colored outfits inspire me lately.

Eyeliah @ said...

Oh no, it's been quite the struggle I see. Do you work near a mall or something? Stay away is my best advice, cuz once we are there we buy. But, btw they are soooo cute!

Anonymous said... of the greatest sweaters I have ever seen, Waves! A wonderful outfit, as always! Chris

Anonymous said...

No offense, but why would you buy Diesel in Milan? They're cute, but Milan is really a place to buy things that are unique to Italy or Milan. Nice outfit though - you're always stylish.

The Waves said...

laura: I once defended myself from having bought new shoes by saying that at least I didn't buy ugly shoes... so I guess there is something in saying that at least ankle boots suit me! :)

Eyeliah: I work by the the busiest shopping street in Helsinki... but yeah, you are right, I just have to stop going into stores to begin with!

Chris: thanks sweetie

Anon.: well, I was in Milan on business, and believe me, had I had more time, I would have gone to other places... but I happened to walk past the Diesel store, and since I had actually been looking for a particular pair of shoes from Diesel, ones that I could no longer find in Finland, I decided to go in. So there! That's an acceptable excuse, right? ;)

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes ;)

tis serendipity said...

Gosh those ankle boots are BEAUTIFUL. HAha I totally understand you when you say you need to stop. Sometimes i think this whole thing is out of control and I'm utterly devoid of self-control. What can one do though when it's just so much fun!