Friday, 9 January 2009

Longing for elegance

Since I have been sick for the past couple of days, I have taken full advantage of the situation and endulged myself with watching old Pink Panther films on DVD (none of that awful Steve Martin crap though - I still cannot believe someone actually thought that Martin could do justice to Clouseau).

I just discovered that in the first film of the series, Pink Panther (1963), Claudia Cardinale's and Capucine's outfits were designed by Yves Saint Laurent. No wonder they look so elegant in every single scene!

Why don't people look like this anymore? And no, I am not referring to Claudia Cardinale's impossibly perfect genes, or even her YSL dress. But where's all the glamour?

I am most certainly not the right person to be telling people to look more elegant, especially in my current state of lounging about in an oversized jumper, tracksuit bottoms and crocodile slippers, so whatever, just ignore my feverish mumblings. I just think the outfits in this film are seriously gorgeous and actually very wearable in the modern day. Now all I need is some grace, natural elegance and a good posture. A couple of vintage YSL pieces wouldn't hurt either.


a cat of impossible colour said...

I share your indignation that Martin dared to attempt Clouseau!

Anonymous said...

I remember watching those movies and wanting to be Claudia Cardinale when I grew up. It almost hurts to watch those old glamorous movies, especially in comparison with most of what's being made today.