Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Wonderful life

I have been rather lazy with posting. I am still visiting Chris R., and well, outfits haven't exactly been my first priority - getting to know his cats has. I was a little worried about meeting all five of them, especially since they are all female, and female kitties can be a little obsessive-possessive when it comes to their owners. My sister once had a lovely girl kitty, Neilikka, who peed into my sister's then-boyfriend's shoes because she didn't like him. (Needless to say, the man wasn't quite right for my sister.) Anyway, when I was packing for this trip, I limited the amount of shoes I brought with me to three, because well, I was almost convinced that at least one of Chris's five kitties would dislike me, or at least consider me (or my shoes) competition. Well, strangely enough, all of the kitties seem to like me, so my shoes have been safe. This beauty is Cassiopeia:

All in all my trip has been wonderful:

Early wake-ups: None
Days spent not leaving the house: five
Full-on migraines: none
Movies seen in the cinema: Coraline, The Reader, Milk
Movies seen at home: Alien, Aliens, Alien3 (when you find a man who shares your taste in sci-fi, hold onto him!), Cloverfield, Dark City, The Lost Boys, Nausica of the Valley of the Winds, Vertigo, Shadow of a Doubt, Rope
Soundtrack: The Magnetic Fields, Midnight Juggernauts, Joy Division, Debussy, Feist

I am really sad about having to go back to Finland this coming weekend.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Home and away

I am currently staying with Chris R. in upstate New York, hence the different setting for my outfit picture. I only realised now that I forgot to put shoes on... but oh well! I think once I go outside I'll be wearing black ankle-boots with a buckle on the side and rubber wedge heels.

Chris got me warm muffins and flowers first thing this morning. He really is the best thing that could have ever happened to me.

Friday, 6 February 2009

One of those weeks

Since the last time I updated this blog, I have had four (4) migraines. That's a lot of seeing stars and flashing lights, feeling sick to one's stomach and feeling as if there is an alien insect inside one's brain, eating it slowly but surely. In short, 4 migraines has been a huge pain in the head. It really is a strange condition, this migraine. I have had them since I was 10. The last drug I tried was a hugely recommended triptan, which gave me the worse headache in the history known to migraines, as well as left me dazed and disoriented for three days. It's amazing that they (meaning doctors and scientists, I guess) still haven't even found out what causes migraines, not to mention that there are still people around who insist that "it's all in your head". No shit, Sherlock?

There is a great book by Oliver Sacks called "The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat". Sacks is a neurologist, and his book is a collection of his patients' stories and other curious case files. One of the most intriguing chapters of the book is his analysis of Hildegard of Bingen, a German abbess, visionary and author who lived in the 11th century, who according to Sacks, suffered from migraines.

Hildegard wrote about and drew several sketches of "visions" she had witnessed since an early age, and surprisingly, her images look very familiar to me. Falling bright stars that die out, flashing wavy movement, zigzag of sorts, fortification spectra... it really looks like migraine to me. I guess it was Hildegard's fortune that she was taken in by the church, because I bet she would have been burnt alive for diabolical visions had she been a regular peasant. Hildegard was considered a chosen one because of her migraine-based visions, and she built her life on it. Other migraine sufferers have made something out of their misery too; Vincent Van Gogh and Claude Monet brought out their migraines in their paintings. Me? Well, I have nothing but massive headaches and weird aura every now and then. This is what I wore today:

And finally, the world preview of my great boots, the ones I got in Italy!

P.S. If you see me walking on the streets of Helsinki, looking desperate and very headachy, squinting my eyes and seeming as if I am not even looking where I am going, the very first picture of this post is exactly how I see (or don't see) that very moment. Feel free to take my hand and help me get to the train station, and put me on the next M-train. Thank you!