Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Catwalk inspiration, FW2009

There are times when I pretend to know something about fashion, you know, real fashion. This is my selection of the autumn/winter 2009 collections.

Proenza Schouler - this was by far the easiest collection to wear (and copy) and it had the most covetable shoes. I like the execution of the double-breasted jackets, as well as the overall simplicity of the look - urban chic with a laid back twist.

Prada - I sometimes feel that Miuccia Prada gets praise for whatever she does, just because she is Miuccia Prada. She could send models out wearing garbage bags and the fashion elite would we wearing it the next day. I liked what she did with shapes and textures this season though, especially the collars and necklines. And yay to the new pale! It is autumn/winter, you are supposed to look pale, right?! The thigh-high boots freaked me out a little though.

Kenzo - yes, Kenzo, I know, it is unexpected. I thought this collection was full of wonderful mixes of textures, as well as new lengths. I love the blue coat (minus the fur trimming), and I am once more in love with ankle socks worn with platform mary janes! True inspiration for layering!

John Galliano - hands down best make-up, best "show", craziest shoes (although Olivier Theyskens came close at Nina Ricci).

Dries Van Noten - best colour combinations, wonderful fluidity and texture. I think this show was my favourite. I really liked the pale face - orange lipstick combo, too. If only I could pull off that hem length without looking frumpy...

Chloé - just 'cause. I haven't liked anything by Chloé in a long time, and there were some pieces in this collection that made me think back to the good old days. That must count for something..?

Images from style.com

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Second hand economics

I hadn't visited the local flea market in weeks, or probably even months. Actually, I hadn't been to any flea market in a long, long time. After all, I need to be getting rid of stuff, not buying more. Like me and Vasiliisa were discussing a week or so ago, it is tough to get good deals at flea markets these days. This includes charity stores like Fida and UFF, too. Worn, faded Jackpot t-shirt can cost up to 5 euros. Anything that has a Marimekko label on it will cost a ridiculous amount. The prices are up. Of course, if someone is willing to pay 10 euros for completely lived-in, stained Palmroth heels, it is not the seller's fault that he or she wants to make money. But since when did recycling become a business like it obviously is these days?

My friend Minni spotted these brand new Minna Parikka ankle boots in Fida about a week ago. The price tag was a staggering 95 euros. Okay, they were brand new, and I guess at the Parikka store they would cost over 200 euros. With the Fida discount card, Minni figured that she'd get the price down to 70 euros, which is still a lot of money for a pair of second hand shoes, be they brand new or not. The funny thing is that Minni had to actually argue with the Fida sales assistant, because she was not willing to give her the 20% discount that she was entitled to with the card. The sales assistant's excuse: "these are brand new, and they are by Minna Parikka". After explaining to the shop assistant that she couldn't care less how new they were, or who they were by, Minni got her 20% off.

I guess I am trying to say that a) I am sad to see the beauty of flea markets fade, b) that UFF and Fida are ripping people off, and c) I was super happy to find a wonderful cape at the local flea market today. I justified my purchase with a promise to add a couple of more pieces into the flea market pile from my own wardrobe. And d) when I go sell my stuff at a flea market (it looks like it might be in May, everything is fully booked before that) my prices will be very reasonable. That's a promise.

Saturday, 14 March 2009

The Inventory begins

I had been trying to figure out for a while now how to start my wardrobe inventory. Eyeliah's words echoed in my head this morning: "if we cannot see things we will not wear them". I wish I had taken a "before" shot of my various closets, but anyway, off I went, and emptied everything I own on my bed, on my bedroom floor, where ever I could fit things. It took hours as I went through and saw everything I have. And holy Moses, there is a lot of stuff!

As soon as I got an impression of what I was dealing with, it was actually quite easy to start putting things away. I know I only scratched the surface today, but my closets look better already: I can more or less see what I have! A big thank you to Eyeliah for making me realise what my problem was!

I was just about to close the wardrobe doors when something about the picture above caught my eye: oh Masa! Both him and Illusia are incredibly keen on hanging out in my wardrobe whenever they get a chance.

Anyway, this is the first pile of stuff making its way to a flea market. Fellow Helsinki residents, any ideas which one to go for? Valtteri or Jäähalli..?

Friday's outfit (yes, I am keeping the Tyrol cardigan):

Thursday's outfit (yes, keeping everything!):

Tomorrow I am going to go through my shoes and outerwear. Aaargh! :)

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Things I never wear

I have been diving into the depths of my black-hole-like wardrobe recently, and every day I keep finding things that a) I forgot I had, and/or b) I have never worn. My sister gave me this cream-coloured polkadot skirt a while back and I took it, but I have not worn it once. I bought the gray jumper last autumn, but have worn it probably once, maybe twice. I don't know what is wrong with me. How did it get to this point where I forget what I have, even the things I really really like..?

I got this red paisley print dress at a flea market last summer. I have never worn it before today. Heidi's old earrings look really crazy in the photo; I swear they seemed like a great idea at the time (which would be... err... this morning)!

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Making it work, or not

I haven't exactly started my wardrobe inventory yet, but throughout this past week I have been trying to wear things that I haven't for one reason or another worn lately. I am trying to find out which ones to keep and which ones to pass on by using the wonderfully therapeutic process called trial and error. I bought this green Nanso top at a flea market over a year ago, but I had never worn it before this past Friday. I think it is a definite keeper.

Friday's outfit

Today I rediscovered my old white Noa Noa blouse as well as this gray scoop-neck jumper that I bought in London years ago. The blouse I will keep for sure, but this gray thing I am going to get rid of. The length just looks wrong to me.

Sunday's outfit

I have a feeling that this is going to be a tricky process. The more old things I find, the more I am convinced that I can / will / have time to wear everything at some point. Perhaps I will just get rid of the items that fit poorly, or are too big or small. There are plenty of those around, too, because I have often bought things, especially second-hand, that I intended to mend, and never did. For whatever reason it is difficult to part with clothes like that too.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

New vintage bags

These are the two lovely vintage bags I bought in Ithaca last week. I especially love the resin fastening on the gray bag below.

You can't really tell, but this burgundy bag is tiny! I can just about fit my mobile phone, credit card and lipbalm in there, but hey, what else does a girl really need?

This is what I wore yesterday. I was going through my wardrobe the other day, and stumbled upon this red jumper made of recycled materials. I bought it in London probably five years ago, and had totally forgot that I had it.

When one forgets about owning great items such as this one, one thing is certain: it is time for wardrobe inventory. I am going to start getting rid of things I no longer wear. This piece will not be one of them though.

This is what I wore today. There was way too much snow on the ground to be wearing the ankle boots though, so I ended up wearing thigh-high boots.