Sunday, 8 March 2009

Making it work, or not

I haven't exactly started my wardrobe inventory yet, but throughout this past week I have been trying to wear things that I haven't for one reason or another worn lately. I am trying to find out which ones to keep and which ones to pass on by using the wonderfully therapeutic process called trial and error. I bought this green Nanso top at a flea market over a year ago, but I had never worn it before this past Friday. I think it is a definite keeper.

Friday's outfit

Today I rediscovered my old white Noa Noa blouse as well as this gray scoop-neck jumper that I bought in London years ago. The blouse I will keep for sure, but this gray thing I am going to get rid of. The length just looks wrong to me.

Sunday's outfit

I have a feeling that this is going to be a tricky process. The more old things I find, the more I am convinced that I can / will / have time to wear everything at some point. Perhaps I will just get rid of the items that fit poorly, or are too big or small. There are plenty of those around, too, because I have often bought things, especially second-hand, that I intended to mend, and never did. For whatever reason it is difficult to part with clothes like that too.


Anonymous said...


Eyeliah @ said...

Love the second outfit, I like that oversized cowl actually. :-)

M said...

Chris! You're not helping with the inventory, if you keep on commenting this way ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh M, I forgot!!! Here's what I can do...I will only be overwhelmingly flattering for the outfits I truly love...for the others, I will be non-committal, and then hopefully some outfits you love will be coming your way!!! :) Hang in there!!! :) Chris R.

M said...

Unfortunately her lovely clothes don't fit me :) but thank you for thinking of me, Chris!!!