Sunday, 29 March 2009

Second hand economics

I hadn't visited the local flea market in weeks, or probably even months. Actually, I hadn't been to any flea market in a long, long time. After all, I need to be getting rid of stuff, not buying more. Like me and Vasiliisa were discussing a week or so ago, it is tough to get good deals at flea markets these days. This includes charity stores like Fida and UFF, too. Worn, faded Jackpot t-shirt can cost up to 5 euros. Anything that has a Marimekko label on it will cost a ridiculous amount. The prices are up. Of course, if someone is willing to pay 10 euros for completely lived-in, stained Palmroth heels, it is not the seller's fault that he or she wants to make money. But since when did recycling become a business like it obviously is these days?

My friend Minni spotted these brand new Minna Parikka ankle boots in Fida about a week ago. The price tag was a staggering 95 euros. Okay, they were brand new, and I guess at the Parikka store they would cost over 200 euros. With the Fida discount card, Minni figured that she'd get the price down to 70 euros, which is still a lot of money for a pair of second hand shoes, be they brand new or not. The funny thing is that Minni had to actually argue with the Fida sales assistant, because she was not willing to give her the 20% discount that she was entitled to with the card. The sales assistant's excuse: "these are brand new, and they are by Minna Parikka". After explaining to the shop assistant that she couldn't care less how new they were, or who they were by, Minni got her 20% off.

I guess I am trying to say that a) I am sad to see the beauty of flea markets fade, b) that UFF and Fida are ripping people off, and c) I was super happy to find a wonderful cape at the local flea market today. I justified my purchase with a promise to add a couple of more pieces into the flea market pile from my own wardrobe. And d) when I go sell my stuff at a flea market (it looks like it might be in May, everything is fully booked before that) my prices will be very reasonable. That's a promise.


Anonymous said...

That cape is remarkable!!!! I love it! I personally would wear it with striped pants and a green argyle shirt...but that's just me! (Waves, you soo know I am joking!! :) It is a great find honey! I can't wait to see you in it, yours CR

Slanelle said...

these tights are awesome !!

Becca Jane said...

loving the cape.

Also, those much bargained for minna parikkas are lovely

wrennybird said...

You're quite right. The Goodwill here has become expensive to the point of being silly.
Too bad you're so far away I won't be able to shop at your flea market when you sell your stuff!

Eyeliah @ said...

Wow, amazing cape!

Glamour-Och-Fläskpannkaka said...

A beautiful cape!